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Halloween For Grown-Ups Special Edition

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Who says kids get to have all the fun? Grown-ups have been finding their own ways to refresh and enjoy the conventional Halloween celebrations.

From Ghost Tours around the UK to amazing Disco Parties, there is always a good reason to go out and embrace this magic night. And if you plan to stay at home, you can either invite guests for a themed supper, dress up your home and serve an original Calabrese pumpkin recipe by the chef Valentina Harris or share a naughty Halloween Tale by the erotica writer Stella Fosse with your partner. But before the witchcraft begins, revamp your outfit with a quirky, impressive spider brooch and learn how to make a special homemade magic beauty potion able to boost the radiance of your skin.

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And don’t forget to download our special Halloween party toppers for free.  A little treat from the CrunchyTales team.

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