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CrunchyTales Manifesto | Stefania Tomasich illustration


e work hard for achieving an impactful conversation around the interests and issues engaging ladies today.

Call us Perennials, late bloomers or simply grown-ups; we are evolving rather than disappearing. We are still Crunchy women with a story to tell, ladies who need to be seen, heard, and celebrated.  Together we can reset the meaning of “middle age”.

We want to fuel powerful minds with the right amount of targeted news, energy and motivation. Focusing on everything from Lifestyle to Travel, is an illustrated magazine that aims to empower a diverse set of voices from this ever-blooming generation.

We are cool, creative, digitally-literate, storytellers, good life connoisseurs and global mind risk-takers. If you still dare to be as Crunchy as you should be, come and join our vibrant community made of bold ladies over 40 who never give up!

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