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Anne Poirier – The Body Joyful Coach

Anne is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Body Confidence Coach, Lifestyle Strategist and Self-Talk Trainer. She is the Founder of Shaping Perspectives, A Woman’s Way to Joy , author of ‘The Body Joyful’ and the leader of the Body Joyful Revolution Community.  A non-diet, weight inclusive space of encouragement and inspiration for women. Anne supports women feel more comfortable and confident in themselves while prioritizing their own self-care.

Kelly Howard – Fitness Consistency Coach

Known as the Fitness Consistency Coach with a touch of Adventure, Kelly Howard loves helping 40+ women find easy ways to prioritize their health and have more fitness, fun, and freedom in their lives. The former owner of an outdoor adventure and travel company, she sold her company in her late 50s and start the Fit is Freedom podcast, courses, and events which now touch thousands of women. The author of the soon to be released {Fitness} Consistency is Key book, she currently calls Texas, home but can often be found on rivers, oceans, and trails around the world.

Deborah Voll – Career Coach

Deborah Voll is a certified professional  Life and Career Coach. Whether that’s pivoting their career, reentering the workplace, or tackling an obstacle that seems overwhelming Deborah guides you towards clarity. With over 30 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, she is able to share a  unique perspective on women navigating their own career choices.  Deborah is also the host of Calm the Chaos, a weekly podcast featuring guests who help to inspire and motivate women in midlife towards their goals and dreams.

Maria Olsen – Diversity Promoter

Maria Olsen is an attorney, author, public speaker and radio show host. Her radio show in Washington, D.C., “Inside Out,” focuses on LGBT and diversity issues. Her first nonfiction book, Not the Cleaver Family–The New Normal in Modern American Families, examined the changes in families in this decade. Her latest one, 50 After 50: Reframing the Next Chapter of Your Life, which chronicles the 50 new things she tried in her 50th year to determine how she wanted to live the next chapter of her life after getting sober and divorced, has been used as a vehicle to help many women reinvigorate their lives. Maria worked on diversity issues while in private practice and as a political appointee in the U.S. Department of Justice.

Vincenzo Laganà – Astrologer

Vincenzo Laganà is one of the top Italian astrologers, who graduated in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Crystal Therapy and Reiki. Passionate about helping others achieve greater insight and awareness, he has studied with Ettore Bilinski and Ciro Discepolo and has been inspired by the work of French astrologer Andrè Barbault of Volguoine, as well as Dane Rudhyar and Jung. His horoscope columns have appeared in the main newspapers, magazines and online publications.

Adelia Lucattini – Psychoanalyst

Adelia Lucattini is an MD, psychiatrist, and psychoanalyst Full Member of the International Psychoanalytical Association. Author of books, articles and publications on psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and literary criticism in Italian and international journals. Science communicator, she is the author of the blog ‘La Pensée. Guarire Giocando”.


Our team of advisors is specially selected for their particular vision and for their continuous effort to empower middle-aged women.

Follow their tips and advice on CrunchyTales, be inspired by their journeys, learn from their wisdom and experience or drop them an email.

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