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SPECIAL | Home Sweet Home: Midlife Stories From The Lock-Down

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Most of us have experienced restrictions in our lives as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. No matter your age and your background, we are all in the same situation, self confined at home, trying to invent new solutions to cope with this unusual time.

We asked six inspiring ladies to share their stories and experiences during the lockdown. Some started journaling, others found new ways of exercises or reinforced the solidarity within the global learning community, many rekindled their bonds with friends and relatives online. All of them have encountered random acts of kindness.

What do they have in common? Resilience! A typical trait that only comes with age and wisdom.

Involved in this great example of ‘collective’ writing were; the amazing and talented chef Valentina Harris, mindset coach Kathryn Eade, erotica writer Stella Fosse, personal trainer Nikki Love, silver model Deborah Darling, podcaster Colleen Rosenblum and performer Lisa O’Hare.

Thanks so much to all those amazing Crunchy ladies who took part in our challenge, sharing their feelings, solutions and hopes with us, redefining not only the narrative of midlife but also the meaning of this forced self-isolation.

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We hope that by reading about others’ experiences, you can take comfort that you’re not alone during this challenging time and that you will realise ageing is just a state of mind: it’s up to us to turn our life into a vibrant journey, even when surrounded by darkness.

Together we rise, together we thrive.

Ps. the very first thing the CrunchyTales team will do when the coronavirus will be over? Have a very strong espresso at our favourite bar.

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