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CrunchyTales Wrap Up

Going Live

Writer | CrunchyTales
December 19 2018

Let’s reset the meaning of midlife

Best #MyMidlife Story

The Rhythm Of Midlife

May 12 2019

Let the midlife beat go on

Most read interview of the year

‘Crunchy Talks’ Event First Debut

Crunchy Talks | CrunchyTales
June 6 2019

Tales from midlife journeys

The Best Weekly Crunch

Facebook | 1000 followers

Facebook 1000 followers
August 7 2019

Be Wise, Age Playfully!

A New Crunchier Logo

Timeline new logo CrunchyTales
September 12 2019

Speak Up!

Midlife Unplugged

September 26 2019

Are you wondering why ‘crunchy’?

Most Read Post Of The Year

Moving Forward…

Best Feature Of The Year

The Late Bloomer Factor | CrunchyTales
December 18 2019

The Late Bloomer Factor

Season’s Greetings

Special Christmas | CrunchyTales
December 18 2019

Wishing you a crunchy Christmas and a playful new year

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