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Crunchy Talks

Crunchy Talks are an integral part of the CrunchyTales® project, together with our illustrated, online magazine. The bi-monthly panel discussions are chaired by our founder, lifestyle journalist Michela Di Carlo, who explores midlife issues, ageing and repurpose in life with a group of women from different backgrounds.

The aim of the talks is to increase awareness on ‘casual ageism’, to challenge stereotypes and old clichés and to help middle aged women to rethink the way they approach midlife, showing them that the best has yet to come and celebrating the talent and resources of ladies who break boundaries, find their true calling and create new, meaningful paths later in their lives.

We don’t sell any formula, any recipe for success, any special cream to get rid of wrinkles. We don’t coach, we don’t tell people how they should live or improve their life. We simply invite ladies to accept themselves, being just the way they are: perfectly imperfect middle-aged women ready to press the reset button.

Our CrunchyTalks regularly take place in Chester, Liverpool, London. Our panels have hosted Rebecca Weef Smith (founder of GOLDIE Magazine), Rachel Peru (influencer and body confidence activist), Eileen Willett (founder of Cucumber Clothing), Valentina Harris (celebrity chef) and Emma Rees (Professor of Literature and Gender Studies – University Of Chester) amongst many others.

The feedback from our audience has been incredibly positive and we are delighted to continue to spread our message and encourage a future where we can all embrace growing older.

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