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From Scars to Stars

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In life, we have the ability to turn our stumbling blocks into, stepping-stones. In my twenties, life pulled the plug on my aspirations of earning a degree, or so it seemed. I was plunged into a sea of uncertainty as I unexpectedly lost most of my sight. At first, I was devastated.

In time realized that I cannot change the fact that I only had 3% sights left. I do still have the power to change my attitude. I sold everything I owned and relocated to London. I embarked on my journey as a student studying for a degree in business management.

The education provider I used at the time was made aware of my visual impairment and I was promised all the support I would need. This never materialized. I informed them that a hard copy question paper in size 16 font, was not adequate. I would require an electronic copy. I received the following reply: “Miss Robberts if you can’t read the hard copy, we believe the problem does not lie with your sight but rather with your brain being inculpable to process the information.”

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I was forced to change my educational provider. This added two more years to my studies. There were many days I wanted to give up.

My journey as a student started in 2005 and I am very proud to say that 12 years later, a 42-year-old me, graduated with a Masters Degree in Project Leadership and Design. Following this, I have been offered a full scholarship to do my PhD at the University of Chester in England.

I have a message to the man who claimed my brain had limited abilities: “Dear Sir, call me blind but the only limit I can see is your lack of vision.”

About The Author

Theresa Robberts (The Blind Pilot)

Theresa Robberts is an inspirational humourist author and speaker. Based in Chester, England she is studying for her PhD in Corporate Social Responsibility. She has only 3% sight but has a hunger for adventure and accepts the challenges of daily life with loads of determination, tenacity and a wicked sense of humour. ‘Yes 3% sight but 97% attitude’ is how her friends describe her.

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