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How To Choose The Perfect Red Lipstick at 50

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Did you know that there is a red lipstick for everyone? Very few women have found the right shade that makes them feel comfortable wearing it, though. 

Some of them think they can’t wear red as they get older so they often tend to opt for other colours that don’t give vibrancy to their lips. Pink lipstick, for instance, is considered by many ladies a ‘safe’ one to play with but it wouldn’t harm to change our palette options every now and again. 

Classic, elegant, versatile, red lipstick can brighten your face and enhance your makeup look instantly as well as boost your confidence making you feel great.

Choosing your shade of red

The key to wearing it at 50 is all about finding the right texture and shade according to your skin and complexion. Generally, fair ones look best with a blue-based red lipstick, warmer tones look best with an orange-based red. And women with very dark complexions look fantastic with bright reds. 

However, you’ll probably need to try on different shades until you find the right one for you. The most popular red lipsticks are Red Hot Red’ by Bésame, inspired by Marylin Monroe’s iconic red lipstick, ‘Ruby Woo’ by MAC cosmetics, ‘Pirate’ by Chanel Rouge Allure, as well as ‘999 Ultra Dior It Shade‘ by Dior and ‘Stunna Lip Paint‘ by Fenty Beauty.

Finding the best texture

Choosing the right texture is important too. Our lips start to lose collagen as we get older and fine lines can start to creep around the corners. 

  • A cream lipstick is often the answer to dry and dehydrated lips: higher in wax, it glides on easily and provides a perfect balance of texture with a hint of gloss. Look for lipsticks with nourishing formula, enriched with vitamin E and antioxidants. 
  • For any special occasion or when you want to make a statement, matte–long wear lipstick can be your perfect beauty asset. Richly pigmented, it lasts longer and doesn’t tend to transfer easily once dry. However, it’s not recommended for drier lips.  
  • A liquid lip gloss might be a good alternative. Often coming with new and improved formulas, it is hydrating, non-sticky, and will give your lips a gorgeous shine. It doesn’t last all day long, though. Better to apply it over a matte lipstick in case you want to add shine.
  • For those ladies who just want a hint of red, a cream coloured lip balm might be the best option: it needs a lot of reapplication but it is super easy to apply. Often enriched with jojoba oil to repair chapped lips, you can found it in several versions such as little pots, tubes, and sticks.
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Rocking your pout

Many women over 50 are put off bold lipstick because of the risk of colour bleeding around their mouth into the lines. Here is when lip liner and primer come in handy. These products create a barrier that will keep your lipstick in place all day, making the extra step more than worth it. 

However, not everyone knows that the secret to a perfect pout is to apply a non-greasy lip conditioner to the lips and give the product time to soak in. Once well hydrated, blot them with a tissue and draw in the outline with a lip pencil (have you ever tried a clear one? It’s easy to use, it will prevent you from making mistakes and your lipstick from seeping into lines). 

If you can easily handle a coloured one, consider matching your lip liner to your lipstick shade and don’t forget to fill the lips completely before putting your favourite stick over. Always start from the middle and move towards the corners of the mouth.

Gently kiss a tissue to remove any excess and add a very light dusting of translucent powder. Then reapply your favourite lip colour. Last but not least, take a cotton bud or a very thin lip brush and dip it into your concealer or foundation. Stretch your mouth wide and tidy up the line with the cotton bud or brush for a perfect pout. 

Complete the look by applying a lip gloss or lip plumper to give your lips a fuller finish. Apply them to the middle of your lips, then add a top coat to seal your colour (you can’t wrong with Lipcote). Now, look your self in the mirror: “who’s the fairest of them all”?

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Joyce Connor | Beauty Expert

Joyce Connor has a 20-year background in the cosmetic industry. She is an international, award-winning makeup artist and skin expert based in Reading, UK. Joyce regularly speaks on BBC radio and writes for magazines. She is also a regional coordinator for the cancer charity Look Good Feel Better. One of Joyce’s mottos is ‘great skin is everything’. Joyce is specializing in Korean and Japanese skincare and offers skin consultations, skincare shopping and sells some of her favourite products in her online store.

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