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The Must-Have Apps For Busy Women Over 50 | CrunchyTales

Level Up Your Life: The Must-Have Apps for Busy Women Over 50

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Life after 50 is full of possibilities, and new technology shouldn’t be left off the invitation list. While you may be picturing teenagers glued to phones, apps and gadgets can be powerful tools for women over 50 to enhance their lives in countless ways. Our expert, the marketing innovator Nancy A Shenker will reveal the ones we shouldn’t live without and why.

In 2017, at the age of 61 years old, I wrote a book about AI (artificial intelligence). Seven years later, the media is abuzz with discussions about AI and its impact on humanity. I have long believed that technology is an enabler and not a detractor from humanity. We just need to understand it as much as possible (at any age) and view ourselves as robot overlords (or is it overladies?). 

Yes, at some point, “machines” will be as intelligent, if not smarter, than the humans that built and programmed them. But certain attributes – like humour, true creativity, and complex decision-making about other humans – will always be the property of flesh-and-blood people. 

So, rather than being sceptical about new technologies, why don’t we turn them into our allies? There are many reasons why apps and technology can positively influence women over 50. They are helpful in tackling our daily chores and can be beneficial for all those ladies who plan to re-launch their careers.

Along with social media, also ZOOM, FaceTime, Microsoft Teams, Google Docs and Photos keep us all connected at work and in interactions with family and friends. Quickbooks and Excel keep us fiscally responsible and organized. Apps like are great for project management. 

And what about regular household tasks? Instacart and DoorDash were lifesavers during the pandemic, and I continue to use them when I’m too busy to shop. 

I also rely on some other tools to keep me strong, informed, and healthy. From simple online games like Wordle to wearables to 3D-printed body parts and research on neuroplasticity, technology will keep us alive, healthy, and active in the years ahead. 

The best platforms and devices for women over 50

If you’re interested in getting started, there are many resources available for beginners. Here are the platforms and gadgets that live in my inner circle (I’ve embraced technology -including AI, ML, and robotics- as part of my day-to-day life), along with my real-life human friends. 

I’m sure they will help you stay in the know and get more organised, too.


What are words without pictures to make them come alive? I’ve even taught my eight-year-old granddaughter how to use it. Although I was always a graphic thinker, I struggled with taking ideas from my imagination and rendering them with crayons, coloured pencils, paint, and clay. From static imagery to things that move with music, the platform allows us creative types to be even more creative! 

Constant Contact

This platform allows you to create effective email marketing and other online marketing campaigns to meet your business goals. I’ve been writing and deploying an e-newsletter for 15+ years using it and I keep experimenting with subject lines, graphics, and topics. I know exactly who is opening and clicking on my messages. It has also resulted in people from my past contacting me to chat or hire me for marketing/content work.

Amazon Echo devices (all six of them)

I have four in my home, one in my car, and a portable one for travel. Voice-activated devices are invaluable when my hands are otherwise busy. I use my bedroom Echo as a musical alarm clock and weather forecast. The kitchen device has pix of my grandkids on the screen, the “big one” plays tunes or reads audiobooks to me, and the car device enables me to add to my grocery list or find where I’m going.

Don’t overlook these devices, voice technology will play an even bigger role as we age

Google Docs

Life can get busy, and sometimes inspiration strikes at unexpected moments. Google Docs allows you to quickly jot down ideas, notes, or to-do lists from any device with an internet connection. Way more than a simple keyboarding platform, it enables me to collaborate with friends, editors, and colleagues on storytelling. 

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Grammarly, Hemingway, and ChatGPT 

They are my writing assistants. These tools correct my spelling and grammar, condense my writing, and give me ideas for topics. I’m currently as fast as (and funnier than) AI-powered writing tools, but I expect my robot assistant to catch up over time.

Oura ring

Reporting on my sleep quality, temperature, and stress level, this handy little device helps me understand how food, exercise, and other factors impact my day-to-day health. Basically, it’s a real, comfortable ring to wear all day and night to collect deeply personal health metrics and insights. Your finger will provide the most accurate reading of over 20 biometrics that directly impact how you feel.


If you are a bookworm you can’t miss it. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. It will help you track the books you’re reading, have read, and want to read. According to research, women over 50 tend to have a love/hate relationship with personalization, but apps like GoodReads enable me to see what my friends are reading and discuss our favourite (and least favourite) on the platform, too.

Podpopuli podcast production hub

Podcasts are becoming very popular amongst women over 50. Although less high-tech than some of my other faves, this modern version of radio broadcasting enables everyone to share their stories with the world. A company called Podpopuli – a full-service retail podcast production hub– is opening locations around the U.S. This all-in-one service provider has helped me overcome my fear of being “on air.” I simply walk in, ZOOM into or sit down with a guest, record a conversation, and wait for the episode to be edited and go live (usually within a week). I have no desire to open my own recording studio, and this concept has allowed me to share my perspectives and those of the people I trust with the entire world (or at least the people who want to listen to me). 

Google Photos

My childhood home movies, pics of my grandkids, and shots of my latest foodie, music, and travel adventures all live here. Google Photos is the home for all your photos and videos, automatically organized and easy to share. It’s great for nostalgia and sharing precious moments with family members and friends who don’t live nearby.


My life and work are eclectic and varied. Link.Tree serves as a graphic “table of contents” for everything I do. It’s a tool that allows you to share multiple links on social media, and in my case provides an easy place for the people I meet to peruse it and connect with me. 

Feel like you’ve fallen behind as technology has advanced? You’re never too late. Just make a commitment to learn one new thing each month. Keep an open mind and view technology as an enabler rather than a robot foe. 

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About The Author

Nancy A Shenker | Marketing Innovator

Nancy A Shenker | Marketing Innovator

Born in 1956, Nancy is, a marketing innovator, brand builder, writer, speaker, and self-proclaimed rule breaker. She has “dual citizenship in the analogue and digital worlds.” A brand growth consultant and content strategist/writer, she established her own business — theONswitch — in 2003. Nancy is a former C-level executive at major brands (Citibank, MasterCard, and Reed Exhibitions). A champion of cross-generational collaboration and an anti-ageism educator and activist, she has a podcast called The Geezer-Proofer: How to Be a Bad-Ass >50 and a series about dating at 50, The Silver Hair Playbook.™ She performs a stand-up comedy routine called “I’m Not Your F*@king Grandma.” The author of nine books, Nancy publishes a travel site BleisureLiving as well as a newsletter called “The 100 Years Club” on LinkedIn. Nancy is on her 7th professional and personal “re-boot.” She has two grown daughters and three grandchildren.

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