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The Latest

How To Reframe Christmas Loneliness As We Age

Are the holidays truly the most wonderful time of the year? As we age, Christmas can bring feelings of loneliness and isolation, amplifying the absence of a significant other or the loss of family and friends. This year, the cost-of-living crisis will also inevitably make things tougher. Add in the long, dark nights and the…

Can’t Sleep? The Best Noise Colours For A Peaceful Night’s Rest

Does the sound of falling rain lull you into a deep slumber? Or perhaps the gentle rustling of leaves in the wind is what helps you drift off to dreamland? Whatever your preferred noise may be, finding the perfect auditory backdrop for a good night's sleep is key to waking up refreshed and rejuvenated. Ultimately…

Mum, You’re Fired! Now What? How To Elevate Your Empty Nest

Have you ever been fired unexpectedly from previous jobs due to budget cuts, restructuring or whatever flimsy excuse your supervisors used to justify cutting off your livelihood? Whether our employment evaluations came annually or more frequently, we usually had a gauge of where we stood as employees within our company structure. If not, our boss…

Elevate Your Sleepwear: Chic Pyjamas for Women Over 50

When the temperature drops, there is no greater pleasure than relaxing in a comfortable pair of pyjamas. Whether it's a luxurious silk ensemble that feels amazing against our skin while we snuggle under our finest selection of blankets or a cosy and pretty set that wraps us in warmth, treating ourselves to stylish winter pyjamas…

How To Rekindle The Joy of Sustainable DIY Decor For Christmas

Tis the season to be eco-friendly! As we gear up for the festive cheer, why not infuse some sustainable sparkle into our holiday decor and get more awe in our lives? Making our own decorations is not only fun but also a therapeutic way to inject some of our unique personalities into the seasonal "arts…
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Maria Olsen | Diversity Promoter

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Brenda Ackerman | The Ageing Mentor

Brenda Ackerman | The Ageing Mentor

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Lauren Simmonds | The Fearless Fashionista

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Dr. Sherry Ross | Women’s Health Expert

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