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Just because you haven't found your talent yet doesn't mean you don't have one. 

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The Latest

Seeking Forgiveness: What To Do If Someone Will Not Accept Your Apology

In the journey of life, we all encounter moments of hurt, betrayal, and disappointment. As we age, these wounds sometimes might fester and evolve into a heavy burden for some people too difficult to release. While some can forgive and let it go, others can still have deep resentments an apology can't help. If you're…

Making Friends After 50: An Awkward Journey Worth Trying

Making friends after the age of 50 can be exciting and rewarding, but most of the time very challenging. It doesn't matter how many clubs, organizations or communities you join, you still have the feeling that it's just not enough.  "We’ve all heard the well-meaning advice: join a club, pick up a hobby, use a site like MeetUp",…

5 Must Have Handbags Women Over 50 Should Own To Upgrade Their Wardrobe

Every fashionable woman knows that a great handbag is the ultimate accessory. But now that we're in our 50s, we've also realised that it's not just a fashion statement or a way to carry our essentials - it's also an expression of personal style and sophistication and if chosen wisely, can even last a lifetime…

Autumn Equinox 2023: Here’s What to Expect For Your Star Sign

Did you know that the aligning forces of the zodiac equinox can sometimes guide us towards the answers we seek in midlife? This celestial event, a time of equilibrium between darkness and light, in which the North and South regions of Earth experience equal daylight and nighttime hours at the same moment, is believed to…

Now What? 6 Ways To Cope With Grief As An Adult Orphan 

Losing a parent is undoubtedly one of the most heartbreaking experiences one can go through, regardless of age. However, the pain and grief can be particularly intense when it occurs during your adult years when you are already navigating the complexities of life. In this compassionate guide to healing, psychologist Dr. Cynthia Shaw will explore…
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Maria Olsen | Diversity Promoter

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Brenda Ackerman | The Ageing Mentor

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Lauren Simmonds | The Fearless Fashionista

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