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10 Ways To Spruce Up Your Festive Look

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Not sure what to wear for this Holiday? Although it may feel silly to dress up on Christmas this year or even for putting a lot of thought into what you’ll wear, you should try to jazz up your outfit anyway, especially if you’ve been living in loungewear or sweats for the past few months. That will allow you not only to be more confident but also to enjoy festive days the most.

Dressing Up Your Outfit

Whether you are able to safely get together with family and friends this holiday or you’re planning on virtual happy hours, this is the perfect time of the year to wear sparkles and be as glam as you want without feeling out of place. Being over 40 doesn’t mean your outfit has to be frumpy, there are several ways to dress age-appropriately while still being fashion-forward this Christmas and beyond. In the end, there is always something to find joy and that is worth getting dressed up for.

Here are some top tips to spruce up your festive look this year.

Plan it ahead

Deciding on your outfit in advance will save you time the day of. There is enough that will be on your mind Christmas morning, so try to pick out your outfit ahead of time to help with your stress level. If you can’t choose one outfit, wear two! Pick something more dressy for the first half of the day and for photos (or virtual hangouts) and then something else for lounging after your meal when you and your family are playing games or watching movies.

Just take it into account that what you choose to wear shouldn’t interfere with the day’s activities, so if you are going to be on the floor playing, it might not be in your best interest to wear a skirt, or if you’ll be cooking all day, silk might not be the best choice as you could get oil or food on you that will stain.

Play with colours, patterns and textures

Winter Whites

A monochrome outfit of whites and neutrals is so chic and may match the winter wonderland outside (if you live where it snows and have a White Christmas). If you don’t feel at ease with this colour but you would like to give it a try, my advice is to add a fun accessory or textural element to your outfit to keep it from feeling one dimensional (or boring). Try woven mesh and embroidered fabrics that, mixed together, will always look very elegant.

Faux Fur

Faux fur items are on trend this winter. This material is cheaper than the real fur, it’s the same elegant and animal-friendly. Also, accessorizing with faux fur is a fun way to dress up a wintery outfit or to make it feel cosier. My pick would be a gorgeous pair of fluffy slippers to keep your feet nice and toasty and to make sure you’re comfortable all day long since you’ll likely be on your feet a lot of the day. A great pair of slippers can do wonders when it comes to transforming a simple dress into a stylish ensemble.

Cashmere Sets

Since you may not be travelling far to celebrate, a matching cashmere set is a luxurious pick that would elevate any at-home festivities. It is definitely an investment piece but will last for years. If cashmere isn’t for you, there are plenty of other soft materials to choose from. Having a matching set will help you to feel put together while being soft and forgiving. Whether you choose to wear this all day long or change into it after your meal, you will feel like a million bucks in this outfit.

Red and Green

You can wear red or green without feeling too cheesy on Christmas. The key is adding pops of red and green instead of wearing all of one or the other colour. There are many shades to choose from; try one that complements your complexion best. Crimson and emerald or burgundy and olive, rather than bright red and pine tree green, create a chic pairing.

Plaid and Tartan

Whether you decide to wear a plaid top or a tartan accessory, there are many different colour combinations to choose from. Try layering if you choose a dress in a pattern to tone down the look so you won’t feel too loud or like you match the wrapping paper. An accessory like a plaid belt or shoes would be a stylish way to make your outfit pop and feel Christmassy. If you’re always cold, a tartan cape would be a fashionable way to keep warm all day and night.


Gold, silver and rose gold clothing aren’t necessarily a look you’d wear every day but would be great on Christmas. Make sure you pick a balanced outfit so that it would turn out being sophisticated and put together. For example, if you choose a metallic skirt, try a neutral top to even it out. If these colours or sparkly clothing is too much for you, adding metallic accessories would be a cool way to spruce up any outfit you choose for Christmas day without feeling over the top.

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You might not first think of black as a festive choice for Christmas but adding the right accessories can make this a merry outfit. Since black is so flattering and is always in style, it might be a good choice for those that want to go bold somewhere else or with their accessories. Black is always a good choice for wanting to look your best so I say go for it and add pops of colour through other elements of your outfit to make sure your outfit feels joyous.

Family Theme

The key is to not wear head to toe the same exact outfit. Adding some elements of the same colour palette or pattern for each family member can be a fun way to coordinate without looking too matchy-matchy. Family themes look are great especially for family photos! You can even get your pet involved with a coordinating bandana or toy so they can join in on the fun.

The Power Of Makeup and Accessories

Red Lipstick

You can’t get much more classic than red lipstick. After all, it’s one of the most traditional of all makeup products, having been worn by countless celebrities and characters throughout history. It’s dynamic, bold, and confident; its power can’t be overestimated. Adding a swipe of red lipstick to any outfit will help get you into the merry spirit and not to mention look fabulous in photos and video (in case you plan a zoom party). If you worry that it may get all over your drinking glasses or your teeth, try a long-wearing lip stain that will help you feel confident that the colour is staying in place for hours and through eating and drinking.

Shimmering Makeup

Although glitter is something women over 40 want to stay away from, shimmering makeup is a fun way to add a special touch to your look for a special occasion. It’s just all in the formula: use a cream shadow rather than a powder, which can get chalky on dry skin and emphasize any imperfections. A swipe of highlighter is soft and can illuminate your features without ageing you. And since it is probably something you don’t wear every day, it will help Christmas feel that much more special.

Hair Accessories

They give you a polished and glam look with no effort. They also add a fun element to your outfit, especially when coordinated with the holiday decor. Barrettes and clips add playfulness to any look and are great for a polished hairdo. You can wear as many as you want and mix & match different sizes and materials: Chanel and Gucci have logo styles, Prada has built on its padded headbands to turn the triangle insignia into hair clips, while Versace embellished its hair clips with her classic Medusa. In case you prefer a headband, choose a wintery fabric like velvet to add softness to your outfit.

Little tricks for a WOW effect

Last but not least, make sure you are ready to have your photo taken. Cameras and phones are constantly out during the festive season because we want to capture that holiday spirit and the memories being made. Too much pattern can clash with your decorations or the tree, make sure whatever you wear to keep it on the simpler side and add in fun, bold accessories to complement your outfit. And if you would celebrate your holiday mostly online with friends, pick out a coordinating festive background for your virtual get-togethers. There are plenty of free options out there to choose from and it will make the day much more fun and a way to complement your outfit.


If you’re keen to find out more about how to venture out of your comfort zone and embrace the festive dress code, check out the CrunchyTales Facebook Live Webinar with Kristen Jensen on Monday, the 21st December at 5.00 pm ( GMT)


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