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5 Classic Pieces Of Jewellery Every Modern Woman Should Own

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We all love bling-bling trinkets but when it comes to creating a jewellery box that will serve you well for a lifetime, it’s worth remembering that a few classic pieces can elevate any outfit and make you feel unique. Finding those evergreen key staples is so worthwhile because you’ll be investing in designs that you know you’ll get loads of wear from rather than panic buying something to go with an outfit that will rarely be worn again.

If you are thinking of creating your own capsule collection, here are 5 essential pieces meant to be enjoyed and treasured forever.

The tennis bracelet

Smart enough for the office, and glamorous enough for black-tie dinners, it adds just the right amount of sparkle to your closet. Sleek and modern, unlike other types of bracelets, like bangles or charm bracelets, tennis bracelets made of gemstones, commonly diamonds, are more comfortable, wearable and less intrusiveThey’re light so you don’t really feel them on your wrist and they’re flexible, meaning that they don’t get knocked around or hurt your wrist as a solid bangle would. The name “tennis” is related to professional player Chris Evert who lost her lucky charm bracelet during a US Open in 1987 and asked the game officials to pause the match to look for her “tennis bracelet”

The chain necklace

One of the biggest jewellery trends of recent years, the chain necklace is here to stay. There is something to suit every style and budget: a statement chain can become your signature piece from which to hang one or more medallions or talisman or to wear alone. Multilayered options from short to long add high impact, while one long chain necklace can give the flash you’re looking for. Best when worn casually over a white T-shirt or tank top

The loop earrings

No jewellery collection is complete without at least one pair. An item that has been around for centuries and in all cultures and civilizations. They had quite a historical past and travelled to Africa, Asia Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. They have symbolized everything from tribal identity to religious beliefs. More recently, they have been the statement piece of pop culture sported by Cher, Madonna and J.Lo. In particular, medium size hoops, in gold or platinum, have become the favourite style of earring in a women’s jewellery wardrobe due to their versatility and wearability. Look for hoop earrings with a back that’s easy to fasten and won’t readily bend or fall out. 

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The cocktail ring

Forget less-is-more minimalism; the joy of a cocktail ring is that you only need a single piece to make a statement. This flamboyant ring is linked to the US prohibition era 1920s, when speakeasy drinking dens became a magnet for socialising and illicit drinking. A no-brainer evening accessory, the traditional cocktail rings typically feature large coloured gemstones accented by diamonds (Pomellato, Gucci, Bulgari, Dior, Cartier offer some great examples). Wear yours in the daytime, dressed down with jeans, a tee and a relaxed blazer, for true decadence. There’s only one rule: go big, or go home.

A classic watch

A watch is the ultimate everyday accessory; the finishing touch that makes any outfit complete. There are plenty of styles of women watches out there that you can be sure to find the perfect item for you. Round dials are universally flattering, while square or rectangular dials are the perfect examples of elegance. Choose whichever colour metal you wear most and invest in the best materials and craftsmanship that your budget allows. If you can, stick with a classic white or muted watch face with numbers that are easy to read. As for brands, if you have enough budget, a Piaget, Baume & Mercier or Rolex is always a classic.

Once you have these basic staples, it’s time to play. There are so many other classics you can add to your jewellery box if you like the idea. A pendant necklace, a vintage brooch, a string of pearls, simple but chic everyday studs, for instance, are timeless pieces, as well as pendant or double drop earrings in gemstones, a diamond ring or some stackable bangles. What we love most are pinky rings. Until now, a symbol of masculine, power and sartorial jewellery styling, the latest wave of these lovely jewels includes options beyond the traditional chunky signet design and if you tend to wear multiple rings at once, pinky rings are a great way to add intrigue (and dimension) to your style. Ready to dare?

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