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6 Ways To Transform Your Bathroom On A Budget

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It’s one of the busiest rooms in our home, so why do so many of us neglect it? At midlife, you finally deserve to turn your bathroom into a sacred space. Over time, your priorities might have changed, so that room and style that used to work for you in the past may no longer be appropriate. A few simple improvements might do the trick. And guess what? You can do it easily yourself. 

If revamping your bathroom is one of your top priorities for this new year, here are some ways to give it a quick makeover that won’t break the bank.

  • Refresh your walls

People underestimate just how much a fresh lick of paint can revamp a space, and the bathroom is no different. Why not make your space feel brand new by totally changing the usual colour scheme? Go for loud, lavish colours to really make the space pop or, even though it might seem unusual, dare to paint your bathroom ceiling. Choose a good paint and make sure to protect the floor with an old sheet. Use a brush to paint a covering first and finish with two coats with a roller.

  • Update your shower curtain

Getting rid of mouldy, old or tatty shower curtains and replacing them with something fresh and new is a quick, cheap way to spruce up your space. Consider a bold colour or pattern to really make a statement. A bright or patterned shower curtain can create a strong visual focus. Choose from seaside stripes, vintage florals, ticking or graphic Scandinavian prints, all of which can look striking in a white interior, instantly adding decoration.

  • Clean the grout

Cleaning your grout can automatically make your bathroom look new. Just grab an old toothbrush and a tough cream cleaner to get rid of any dirt and grime that has built up. You can buy specialist products from supermarkets and DIY stores to shift tough dirt. If that doesn’t do the trick, try an anti-mould grout-reviving pen on any stubborn patches. 

  • Replace sealant

The silicone around the tiling in the bathroom can often get discoloured over time. It can get mouldy, particularly if the sealant is damaged or worn away and water gets in. However, this is easy to resolve by removing and replacing the sealant to restore the look of the tiling. All you’ll need is a cartridge gun with new sealant and a Stanley knife – all of which you can get for under £20.

  • Revamp your storage

To quickly revamp a small bathroom space, look to change your storage. Storage is sadly a bit of an afterthought for many bathrooms, but adding ladder shelves, or open shelves in general, is a great way to make a room feel new. Open storage will make the bathroom feel spacious and less boxy. And don’t forget to put your lesser-used products away as well as clear out any cosmetics or medicines that have expired; tidying and decluttering can transform any space, especially your bathroom.

  • Bring the outdoors in

Houseplants are one of the biggest home interior trends right now, so why not add them into your bathroom for an at-home spa feel? Many of them thrive in humid conditions such as aloe vera, Boston ferns and orchids and even reduce humidity and mould in the bathroom, as well as reducing the number of toxins in the air.

  • Accessorise

If it’s hard to make any major changes with your limited budget, then a quick and inexpensive solution is often to accessorise. Introduce some carefully chosen decorative pieces for interest and colour. Pictures, prints and accessories with a marine theme, such as sailing boats or shells, have a collective appeal, as well as individual charm. Also, never underestimate the power of a mirror. It increases the perception of space and makes your room look bigger, as well as reflecting light around the room making it more airy and bright. 

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