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7 Halloween Ghost Tours For The Bravest

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Bored of the usual tricking ‘n treating and Jack-o’-lanterns on Halloween night? If you would prefer to organise an evening that you and your group of friends will remember for good, you are spoiled for choice. Land of dungeons, haunted graveyards, and abandoned castles, most English cities boast scary tours, scenarios, and experiences that will leave you sleepless, sending cold chills down your spine for weeks to come. And for those ones willing to fly over to Victoria, in Canada, another cool option: a horror escape room.

The haunted sights of London

When you think of the spookiest English legends of all time, which ones do come to your mind? Jack the Ripper, the serial killer from Whitechapel district or Sweeney Todd, the demonised barber?

Several tour companies offer walking tours that will let you live through the grim and grisly stories of execution, madness, rebellion, and murder that shadow the ancient city of London. You will discover the stories and sites where the legends lived and do some shopping at the medieval Smithfield Market that hosts the evil spirits of the executed heretics and political rebels.

If you don’t like walking, book a tour of the city’s macabre sights on a vintage ghost bus, world’s only comedy horror theatre show on wheels. Your ghoulish guide will lead you through notorious local haunts of restless spirits and chilling sites of murder, execution, and torture such as St Paul’s Cathedral and Cross Bones Graveyard and the Tower of London. You certainly get to enjoy some fascinating facts about the city’s gruesome past!

The top York Ghost Tours

York was supposedly the first city in the world to offer an original ghost walk, started way back in 1973. If you’re armed with a historical interest in the supernatural, a private ghost tour of York is what you should book. Ranked as one of the most haunted cities in the world, York brags countless reports of ghost sightings and you can even personalize your tour, choosing from sights like York Minster, The Shambles, and The York Dungeon. All this while listening to frightening tales rooted in the town’s 2000-year-old history. A ticket for York, shall we?

The spooky village of Pluckley

With over a dozen reported ghosts, Pluckley in Kent has been named the most haunted village in England by Guinness World Records. Many ghost hunters head to Pluckley to catch a glimpse of the screaming man, the highwayman, the schoolmaster or the Red Lady who haunt the area after their untimely, gruesome deaths. Another alternative could be the Pluckley Woods Ghost Hunt, an overnight event suited for serious spirit-searchers who want to interact with tortured souls.

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Dark rituals in Dublin

If you manage to get a few days off for Halloween, you can book a weekend in Dublin and participate at an overnight mountain adventure organized by the Hellfire Club. Recommended only for the bravest, this tour offers scary mountain views, chilling excitement and dark rituals involving human and animal sacrifices. You will also visit a haunted hunting lodge full of ghosts and spirits.

City of the Dead in Edinburgh

Boasting 20 years of scares and chills, among the best-known Halloween tours of Britain is the City of the Dead in Edinburgh. You can choose between tours of haunted graveyards or the underground city of the dead, only to mention a few. All the walks are based on thorough research and created by the historical author and award-winning novelist, J. A. Henderson. Your chills are guaranteed!

Sleepover with ghosts and spirits

If a few hours on a walking tour seem too lame for your family, try a night-long sleepover. What could be more terrifying than sleeping in a house where you can actually chat with the ghosts? Many English towns host sleepover parties where you can participate in an overnight ghost hunt. Bring your own sleeping bag and pillow and a mat for comfort. Apart from that, all you need is some steady nerves!

Extra chills of fear: escaping from a horror scene

For the bravest only! The horror escape room, in London, is a live scenario where teams of 2-6 people have an hour to work together to find clues, solve puzzles and complete challenges, progressing through and eventually escaping the scenario. The rooms are designed by specialists, tested and refined to ensure the ultimate horror escape experience. You can choose from murders scenes, wonderlands and jungle and space environments with ‘fright factor’ ratings between 1 to 5, according to how much of a scary cat you are.

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