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Look Good In Shorts: The Essential Style Guide For Midlife Women

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No matter what your age or how thick your thighs are, every middle age woman deserves to wear a great pair of shorts in Springtime. Whether they’ll look incredibly sexy or incredibly wrong, it all depends on knowing your options.

From Bermudas to jeans shorts, they represent freedom and a certain laid-back attitude but the key to looking cool with them on is still in the small details, proportions and right length.

Finding the perfect shorts in midlife

Finding the right pair of shorts that flatter your body type can be challenging, though. With so many styles, cuts, and fabrics to choose from, it can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, there are options beyond your usual capri pants. Whether you have an athletic build or an hourglass figure, we’ll help you discover the perfect pair that accentuate your best features.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll never go wrong by choosing tailored shorts that you can pair with a nice blouse and chic leather belt. You can always leave the shorter ones for more relaxed situations, like beach days and weekend wanderings (as long as you don’t try to replicate the “Daisy Duke” look which usually will flatter Catherine Bach‘s body types only).

Here’s Crunchytales’s essential guide to shorts for all those middle age women who want to look their best this Springtime and beyond.

Choose the right length

Determining what shorts are the right length for you is a highly personal fashion choice, however, stylists agree that choosing a mid-length pair is usually the best deal as they are pretty much universally flattering.

Of course, the ideal inseam length will probably be a range, not an exact measurement. 

It depends on your height and body type as well as your personal comfort level“, explains style expert Jo Lynne Shane. “As a rule, petite ladies tend to look better in shorter shorts because showing a bit more skin will give the illusion of longer legs. On the other hand, if you’re taller than average, you’re more likely to be able to pull off Bermuda shorts, which tend to look frumpy on the rest of us“.

You can find midi-shorts in both low and high-rise styles, what you choose is completely up to you. 

If you like variety, try a pair of roll-tab, adjustable-length shorts, which will give you the flexibility to vary the length of a single pair of shorts, thereby expanding your style options.

Opt for one size up

Whether you’re curvy or not, it’s always better to avoid shorts that are too tight. They are not only uncomfortable but they usually tend to squeeze your thighs and bum. To fit right, shorts shouldn’t be too skinny and sometimes, you can’t go wrong by simply going up one size.

The basics of a bella figura with a pair of shorts are choosing those ones that have small slits on the sides. They will make your thighs appear slimmer. Also, don’t dismiss pleats as they often can offer more room in case you want to hide your extra belly pouch.

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Pleated shorts are so versatile that they can be appropriate in many situations with the right button-down shirt or blouse. Just pair them with a pair of low to medium wedges or block heels to ring the changes et voilà, and you’ll be ready to conquer the world. Just don’t go too big, as this can also add bulk to your body. Stick to a pair of shorts that are just wide enough so as not to touch your inner thighs.

Consider different types of shorts

Wearing the right shorts for middle age women in Springtime has a lot to do with the type you choose. 

Our editor-approved cut when it comes to minimalist women’s shorts is more on the modest side, making it the perfect look for those who’d rather veer away from short shorts.

Linen or cotton high-waisted Bermuda shorts are what we usually consider an easy-to-wear option. They keep your work outfit professional in the warm weather, as they fall just above your knee. They’re also comfortable enough to wear when you’re shopping.

When chosen with a high waist cut, they will also accentuate your curves and make you look slimmer overall by drawing the eye to your waist, not your thighs. 

Our advice for a winning casual look is to pair high-waisted Bermuda shorts with a tucked-in blouse and a blazer or a cool t-shirt on the days you don’t feel like dressing up and leave the cargo and denim shorts for your weekends out of town.

Short suits: the perfect outfit

Short suits are definitely our favourite as they can easily take you from the office to a party. Featuring a blazer – either oversized or fitted – with a pair of tailored shorts, they immediately make you look smart and playful.

On the season’s trend list this spring/summer, designers from The Row to Givenchy and Max Mara, including high street brands like Reiss, H&M, Zara or Marks & Spencer’s are backing them as the perfect outfit to wear in town. 

According to Vogue, with celebrities and catwalks giving them a stamp of approval, it’s definitely time to consider investing in a good pair of short suits.

Whether you prefer a neutral palette or zesty brights, as Sylvie Grateaus character in Emily in Paris proves, a silk blouse can always be the perfect top for middle age women to stay cool. But you can also have some fun pairing them with a classic white tee, a great bag or shoes, to feel always put together effortlessly or simply mix-and-match pieces to create a modular wardrobe.

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