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Festive Make-up: Time-saving Tips for Busy Women Over 50

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It’s that time of year again, time to sparkle and shine. And just because we happen to be busy mums, great aunts or grandmothers doesn’t mean we can’t carry on looking our fabulous best throughout the holiday season.  Whether you’re juggling work, family, or social commitments, these quick and time-saving tips will have you looking fabulous in no time.

Effortless Festive Make-up Tips

Makeup has an incredible ability to boost our confidence. With just a swipe of lipstick, we can transform ourselves, ready to take on the world. So, why don’t you take the holiday season as a wonderful chance to refresh your makeup routine, enhance your application techniques, and receive countless compliments for your efforts?

Get ready to shine this festive holidays with effortless make-up tips designed specifically for midlife women on the go.

Getting a good base

A glowy holiday beauty look starts with your complexion, and the glam part comes from the way you accentuate your other features. 

Always do your makeup in natural light –this stops you from being too heavy-handed and helps you look more natural. Make sure you use a good moisturizer and a good primer to soften and minimize fine lines as well as give longevity to your make-up for those long days and party nights. 

Foundation is critical, too. For a great base, I always recommend Jane Iredale Reflections Makeup Kit, which includes a highlighter stick, 24-karat Gold Dust, and Illuminating Face primer. This also makes a great gift or stocking filler. 

Find your “wow” zone

This season, shiny dark black cherry lips are in (Clinique’s signature Black Honey has been on the market since 1971 or so and is a cult classic), metallic eye shadows are a thing, and fun eyeliners are everywhere. Don’t go for all three. But rather look for a balance and decide on your “wow” zone.

Ask yourself, what’s your favourite part of doing your makeup? Are lips your thing? Or can you not resist a new eye shadow or eyeliner? Just choose a focal point, and go easy on the rest.

Whatever area you like to highlight the most, remember to take a few minutes to yourself for your beauty and makeup routine. It may help you feel and act at your very best at a time when you’re probably most concerned with taking care of your family and all those around you. 

Christmas evening out or office party make-up

For a Christmas evening out or an office party, you don’t need to go the extra mile, depending on what feature you’d like to highlight, just give your day makeup a boost. 

Could you bump up your eyeliner? Everyone can wear darker eyeliner at night, just don’t forget to balance it with great brows. Start at the very outer eye and work inwards, using tiny back-and-forth strokes. Keeping definition close to the lash roots gives your eyes a firm, sculpted shape.

Regarding eye shadows, choose a frosted shade of your favourite colours (blue, green, or mauve), and add that to your eyelid. To do that, press the sparkle onto your lid, bring it to the eye crease, and blend it into your contour colour. I love Quadra Eyeshadow or the Graphique Eyeshadow Palette both by Chanel.

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If you like it, you can finish it up by adding a touch of gold or silver sparkle (depending on if your colouring is warm or cool) onto your cheekbones and décolletage, too. 

Finish it up with a lip gloss. It can really brighten up your look, especially if you don’t usually indulge. 

Christmas family dinner make-up

But what if cooking, eating, and relaxing with family and friends is your idea of the best holiday ever? You can still add a little sparkle and shine for a lovely time with your loved ones. 

Again, go for a single embellishment; a switch to a deeper eyeliner, a different, subtle eye shadow combination, or a sexy lip stain when you usually go for a vivid lipstick. 

What if you have company or lots of family, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren around and barely find time for a quick wash during the holidays? For that, I always suggest the two-minute makeup rule. Whatever you can do quickly to emphasize your favourite feature (remember, it’s usually your best!)

Splash out and spend two minutes on your eyes or lips with stain and gloss or blush or bronze those lovely cheekbones. Then give the rest of your complexion the quick basic everyday makeup—but focusing only on that one favourite feature will give you a little more sparkle and shine and leave you feeling comfortable, looking just like the person your family wants to see. 

Remember, it’s not about spending hours in front of the mirror, it’s about feeling fabulous and enjoying the festivities. Christmas makeup doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Just a few clever products can upgrade your daily look into one that will dazzle during the holidays. Now you’ve mastered my holiday makeup look you’ll be ready to take on the festive season in style. 

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About The Author

Deborah Williams | Beauty Expert

Deborah Williams | Beauty Expert

Deborah Williams is a celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert, founder of GRACE Make up For Midlife, and author of “The Grace Factor: Makeup Techniques for the Woman over 50″. Trained in the makeup and wig program at the Canadian Opera Company, Deborah has fluffed her makeup brushes over many famous faces and continues to work for national TV programs and film. Deborah also lends her expertise to private clients to look at their authentic beautiful selves at any age. “Women in the baby-boom generation are disconcerted by the ageing process on their faces and bodies”, she says. “I give practical advice to help women cope with changes and feel fully confident in the face you present“.

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