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The 3 Minute Makeup Look For Women Over 50

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A 3-minute effortless makeup look is the dream of every midlife woman on the go. On days when you don’t have hours to spare, knowing an easy makeup routine can do wonders for you and nowadays, thanks to multi-tasking products that can be used on several areas of the face, it’s quicker than ever to master a healthy ‘no make-up look’.

Where should you start? If your makeup bag is overflowing, the secret is to streamline your beauty routine with products that work with your changing skin instead of defaulting to ones that cover them up.

From Bobby Brown to Charlotte Tilbury, including Trish McEvoy, makeup gurus would swear on the power of multipurpose products, as long as you opt for hydrating formulations: this will prevent makeup from settling into lines and accentuating an unwanted cakey texture. Also, remember to switch from powders to crémes and liquids to boost the radiance of your mature skin.

Beauty hero essentials for women over 50

The CrunchyTales team has found the makeup essentials that every woman over 50 really needs. Take notes of the following tips and get ready in minutes.

  • Reach for a Primer

A Primer is a great product to create a solid foundation, helping us smooth the complexion and minimise the need for excessive coverage. As a rule of thumb, women of a certain age should invest in a hydrating sheer and illuminating base, better if infused with hyaluronic acid in order to attract and diffuse light around the face.

  • Invest in a good BB cream for mature skin

A BB cream is a great multitasker, offering a host of benefits from sun protection to hydration. Its light texture gives a natural look, and it often contains antioxidants that protect and nourish skin, while working to enhance its appearance and even out (as well as brighten) your complexion.

Because BB creams can contain a cocktail of beneficial ingredients such as mineral SPF with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants, you’ll cut down on products and ingredients applied to the skin, and save time,” says makeup artist and green beauty expert Maria Velve.

A must for women in a hurry who still want their skin to look fresh and bright.

  • Apply a liquid concealer

A hard-working concealer is essential if you want to create a natural-looking but even complexion. Choose a hydrating liquid one if you are worried about the product settling into fine lines and apply only where needed with a brush, blend and then lightly tap with fingertips to melt it into the skin.

With under eyes, you want to make sure the area is moisturized so the skin is smooth, but not so much that you leave a greasy film, as then the concealer will travel,” says make-up artist Ruby Hammer. The less-is-more approach can be taken with application too. “Fingers and a light buffing brush are great for under the eye,’ adds Ruby.

  • Glow up with a cream blusher

Easy to apply, great for a healthy glow -no matter what time of the year it is- these new formulas can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks.

I typically work with cream products on mature skin, especially cream bronzers and cream blushes to give a realistic-looking glow from within,” says Bobby Brown. “Cream products are easy to blend and typically bind to the skin better, with a more skin-like finish.” 

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Unlike most powders, these products offer an ideal solution for midlife women: with their cream consistency, they don’t settle into wrinkles and fine lines the way many powder blushes do and they also help create a more natural look.

Choose a rosy one with a bit of sheer to liven up your complexion in an instant. 

  • Opt for a brow fixer gel

 Just like blush can help enliven the vitality of a mature face, your brows can give you definition as you tend to get a little more washed out. A brow-fixing product – preferably one with a light tint and fibres to add volume- is a winner in every make-up bag to brush up brow hairs and fix them in place. If you’ve only got a few minutes to spare in the morning, remember that groomed brows can help frame your face.

  • Add drama with eyeliner

Finding the perfect liner to make our eyes pop can be tricky as we get older. That’s because the skin around that area gets more delicate as we age.

So, how can we achieve bright eyes when in a rush? One trick of the experts is to use a cream-coloured kohl pencil in brown on your waterline and reserve black, green or purple eyeliner instead for other occasions. Simply line along the top and/or bottom lash lines and smudge out.

I recommend using my invisible lining technique – says makeup artist Trish McEvoyPressing the liner in between each lash along the lash line adds definition, bringing the look of lush and full lashes even before mascara.”

  • Swipe on Mascara

As we age, our lashes can start thinning, and the skin around our eyes and on our eyelids becomes even more delicate and sensitive. But this doesn’t mean that you should stop wearing mascara.

Actually, we should never leave the house without wearing it because it’s the perfect beauty product to make our eyes pop out.

There are so many types of mascaras out there, you have to figure out what works for you and your lashes. Do you need to lengthen? Curl? Volumize? Whatever it is you seek, there’s mascara out there waiting for you as long as you choose it in black.

It’s rare to go wrong with it and it’s the quickest way to provide a bold finish to your eyes. Remember to apply lots of light layers with a lash comb handy in case of clogs or clumps. 

  • Finish off  with lipstick for a great make-up look

A flattering statement lipstick is a great investment for day or night. Whatever colour you choose, always opt for a stay-true formula that glides on smoothly with a creamy texture that keeps your lips moist. Apply straight from a bullet and blend out with your fingers, so the edges are soft rather than harsh.

Now you’re ready to conquer the world.

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