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How Can I keep My Makeup Look Fresh All Day In Hot Weather?

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Dear Grace, I’m 55 and experiencing hot flashes, which is making it hard for my makeup to stay put. Do you have any suggestions for products or techniques that can help my makeup last longer through these hot moments, especially in Summer?

Stacey C., York (UK)

Dear Stacey, I know how challenging it is. I had no problem until a few years ago. But now, it’s getting worse: even my eyelids seem to be “perspiring!” Fortunately, I have tested some beauty solutions out for what appears to be the side issues of menopause and ageing in Summer that nobody much talks about, on myself!

Set It and Forget It

The easiest place to start to keep your makeup looking fresh all day (or evening) is to begin with a primer.  The brand Jane Iredale has excellent three primers I really love and use with my clients. The Glow gives a more illuminating glow to your complexion, locks in moisture, and minimizes the appearance of pores. Then, there’s The Brightening Face Primer, a regular skin-quenching primer to help makeup go on easier and last longer, and The Mattifying which blurs wrinkles and pores and ensures a nice matte finish. Other fantastic face primers are by Charlotte Tilbury or MAC.

If you’re also finding that your eye shadow does not stay where it’s supposed to, either, some great eye primers do the same job and will keep your eye makeup where it’s supposed to be. I use a good one from Elate, a vegan brand that has a really nice eye primer that comes in a tube and is easy to apply.

But you can also find excellent products from Bobbi Brown like Vitamin Enriched eye cream and primer. An all-in-one under eye primer that wakes up eyes by hydrating, plumping, brightening, and softening the look of fine lines. Its cushiony finish is nutrient-rich but never heavy, creating a smooth eye base for seamless corrector and concealer application.

Hot weather can make your mascara run, too. If you’re going on vacation, consider getting your lashes tinted to avoid it altogether. For those who still prefer to wear it, tubular formulas are a good option. They’re less drying than traditional waterproof mascaras and come off easily with warm water.

Some mascaras, like the ones by the Japanese brand Kiss Me, form a tube around the eyelashes and stay on beautifully.

Simplify Your Makeup

Summer is the time to go lighter on everything, including makeup. With naturally glowing skin, you don’t need as much foundation, especially when it’s humid.

If you still want some coverage, consider a mineral powder or a face powder that doesn’t contain talc. They won’t absorb the moisture in your skin or create lines. Instead, they retain the moisture and will help to hold/set any creams that you have underneath and can help absorb any excess ‘glow.’ 

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Lip Stains and Rosy Cheeks

Swapping heavy lipsticks for lip stains can add a touch of chic to your summer look. These formulas go on light and natural, but you can easily add more layers for a stronger look. They’re really flexible!

To get the best of both moisture and colour, try the classic Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm. It acts like both a lip balm and a stain! For a classic summery vibe, pick a soft pink or peach shade. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, go for a bold tangerine or grape colour.

For blush, you can invest in a bright cream blush that’s easy to apply and reapply throughout the day. It gives a natural glow to the skin, it’s smoother and much more moisturizing than powder blush. Often super easy to use – all you need to do is just dab it on with your fingers and blend it out. That makes it perfect for quick applications or for those who prefer a more streamlined makeup routine.

Finally, try a setting spray or face mist as your last step to help set your foundation and eye makeup. Some brands have travel-size options that you can easily carry in your purse and get by security on planes like the iconic Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray by Charlotte Tilbury that lock in your look for 16 hours.

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About The Author

Deborah Williams | Beauty Expert

Deborah Williams | Beauty Expert

Deborah Williams is a celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert, founder of GRACE Make up For Midlife, and author of “The Grace Factor: Makeup Techniques for the Woman over 50″. Trained in the makeup and wig program at the Canadian Opera Company, Deborah has fluffed her makeup brushes over many famous faces and continues to work for national TV programs and film. Deborah also lends her expertise to private clients to look at their authentic beautiful selves at any age. “Women in the baby-boom generation are disconcerted by the ageing process on their faces and bodies”, she says. “I give practical advice to help women cope with changes and feel fully confident in the face you present“.

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