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How Motherhood Changed My View Of Mental Health

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My greatest achievement to date was becoming a mum. Having my children has changed me. I found a new inner strength that I had never experienced before and letting them go was the hardest job to do. But I also wanted to encourage them to fly and gain their confidence. In the end, I realised they always fly back and I am always there waiting with my wing to comfort them and offer advice, warmth, security, and love. The love I’ve never had from my emotionally unstable mother.

Having experienced emotional traumas since the age of three, I know how important is to rely on someone. It took time to recover from it and I am aware that the battle is not over but I am getting stronger.

After my children left the nest, I thought it was time to reflect on my life. I was in my early 40 and I had to find Katherine again. I knew I was more than a mum and had more to give. I started to walk in nature with my dogs and commenced to write a journal. I would record my voice while out walking to help myself with my own mental health. What I then launched was a blog about my life, ‘The Honest Blogger‘. Sharing my real-life experiences and writing my thoughts down was really helpful, not only for me but also for others that could relate. When I nervously published my first story, the response was immense. I realised I was helping others through my own life experiences and I loved it. Eventually, this then turned into a best-seller book on Amazon: ‘Living with Dolls’ which is a personal story to show people what it is like tackling mental health. A story on love, mental illness and freedom.

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The writing process was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Reliving every word was a healing process. Now I’m proud to have found the strength of flying the flag high to end the stigma around mental health and I want my children to remember me for being the mum that taught them anything is possible.

We are not a victim nor a survivor. We are warriors and our birthright is to be and do whatever we choose in this life, as long as it involves integrity, empathy, love and work ethic. Sometimes life gets tough but I know as a mother that I am being watched and looked up, too. I was not about to disappoint my two children.

About The Author

Kat Massey

Kat is the founder of Honest Blogger as well as the community  ‘The Real Housewives of Flintshire’.  The group aims to encourage the power of sharing the hidden mental health struggles that many people face. Kat is working with her local schools to create a programme to discuss mental health as she feels more needs to be done to support children from an early age.

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