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Rent A Wardrobe: The Sustainable Way To Fashion

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Have you ever dreamt of wearing a Dior blazer or a Prada dress? Now you can do it without spending a fortune. The concept of renting fashion has evolved from its traditional occasionwear origins and people are beginning to understand the value of renting more frequently: an economical and environmentally friendly way to be trendy, with the convenience of getting the latest looks delivered right to your doorstep. In the end, old unworn clothes that sit in the back of our closets do not add much value to our life. Do they?

According to the latest Mintel’s Fashion and Sustainability Report, the benefits of renting fashion are wide-ranging. Not only can renting clothes be a more environmentally-friendly alternative to buying into fast-moving fashion trends, but consumers can also save space in their homes with reduced wardrobe needs. Fashion rentals can also be an effective way to fulfil temporary fashion, such as clothing for women during pregnancy.

The best online ‘rent-a-garment’ companies

Yes, embracing glamour and sustainability is now possible. Online companies offer you both discounted designer looks and entire everyday wardrobes on a subscription-based or peer-to-peer rental models. Here are our favourites.

My Wardrobe HQ

It allows you to access the wardrobes of celebrities with a subscription starting from 9.99 per month (with options including a zero deposit scheme, access to new stock 48 hours before others, express collection and two annual home visits from a stylist). It works in a different way from other rental sites by letting the owners of the clothes decide how long you can have each item for and how much you’ll be charged.

Girl Meets Dress

Over 4.000 pieces from designers including Victoria Beckham and Stella Mc Cartney. Order up to three dresses in one go to try on and only pay for the one you wear. You can keep items for two, or seven nights, or take it away on holiday. A full membership costs £99 a month (including free personal styling appointments).

HURR Collective

An invite-only peer-to-peer rental service. You can book your rental up to six months in advance or super last minute. a streamlined rental process that connects forward-thinking women, allowing them to share their wardrobes. There are bags worth almost £200 up for £28 rent, and striking dresses that cost over £1,000 to buy available to rent for just over £200.

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Front Row

Currently, a London-only service, Front Row’s online platform enables you to keep up to date with the hottest designers and trends of the moment, whilst eliminating the need to purchase. Working as a full lifestyle service, Front Row has stylists on hand to help you create the perfect outfit for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for that show-stopping atelier gown or a holiday capsule wardrobe, find your perfect plus one with Front Row. Rental periods are typically five days, but you can ask for longer.

Rent the Runway

Build your shipment from a selection of designer styles for work, weekends, special occasions and more. After you’ve picked your plan, browse the Rent The Runway closet and select what you’d like for your first shipment. They will send them to you dry-cleaned and ready to wear in a reusable garment bag. The subscription plan starts from $30 and includes rent pieces for 4 or 8 days, chances to book for a night or months, free returns, dry cleaning, and backup size.

Le Tote

This is the best option if you are constantly buying new clothes for work events (or if you’re pregnant). Le Tote allows you to choose three garments and two accessories to be delivered to your door unlimited times each month. You wear everything, send it back, and receive your next set of options days later. The monthly subscription box of clothing starts from $59/month. Great selection.

The Benefits of renting clothing

Not sure, yet? While renting has its downsides (some garments will have to be professionally laundered and dry cleaned after use), it still beats out owning, especially if you’re unlikely to wear the item again, such as a special occasion dress. It allows you to indulge in your love of fashion without feeling guilty and it enables you to keep your wardrobe clutter-free.

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