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The Ultimate Last Minute Easter Table Setting

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Whether you’re looking to host a last-minute Easter dinner or simply up your Sunday lunch game, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the festivity at home this year.

However, creating a table setting that’s beautiful and functional isn’t that obvious. Not only do you have to contemplate the theme and the colour scheme of your table, but your dining experience needs to be comfortable too. In fact, knowing in advance how you are going to serve your food and how to create a relaxing ambience can transform your party into a majestic affair.

But, how can you delight your guests and bring some last-minute Easter charm to your table when you’re in a rush?

We spoke to Sven Recktenwald, Product Manager at Villeroy & Boch to see if we can still make this year’s weekend celebrations the most special yet. 

Here are some of his top tips to help you with your table decorations this Easter using basic and timeless pieces you can still enjoy again and again.

1. Add some texture to your table with a tablecloth or table runner

 It’s not every day that you get to use your beautiful tablecloth or table runner, but now is the time. A tablecloth or runner makes any dining experience even more special, and sometimes a simple white one can do wonders in setting off the look and feel. If possible, match the colour of your cloth with your tableware as a starting canvas to work on. That will create a simple and stylish effect.

2. Forget a big centrepiece, simple flowers will add a touch of colour

If you’re not a fan of big centrepieces, a simple yet elegant way of dressing your table is by using flowers. Not only does it bring an added touch of colour to your table and complement your tableware, but flowers can also give a bit of panache. The perfect springtime flower for an Easter centrepiece can be tulips. Tulips come in a huge choice of colours, so you can match them with your tableware, or can choose a bright shade to offset a white table setting.

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3. Candles are essential for creating ambience and adding a romantic feel to your meal

If your Easter celebration is planned for the evening, there’s nothing as special as lighting candles to add a touch of magic and sophistication. Choose a colour that complements your table setting and opt for a variety of shapes and sizes. If you want to go for an elegant theme throughout, choose simple, traditional candlesticks, or tealights. By using them, you can afford to go a bit more out there, showing off your special candle holders

4. Tableware: porcelain is a great way forward

The first step in any beautiful table is of course the tableware itself. As it’s Easter, you can bring the feeling of Spring straight onto your plates by using Porcelain. It’s aesthetically very elegant and can elevate a dining experience to a new height (if decorated with delicate motifs it’s even better). This will make your meal far more celebratory than the minimalist earthenware. By the way, don’t worry about the washing up: Porcelain pieces are mostly dishwasher safe.

5 Mix and match glassware and cutlery to jazz up the ensemble

In this case, don’t feel pressure to get a perfect match. Variations in tone, style, type of glass and cutlery will only add interest and variety to your table. When mixing and matching new and vintage pieces, just select items of a similar colour, or look for common design features to avoid a patchwork look.

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