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10 Key Pieces For A Stylish Fall

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Fall is right around the corner and before you know it, there will be a subtle crisp feel in the air, rich colours and warm scents all around you. Now is a great time to start thinking about the upcoming season and the adjustments it might mean for your closet: organizing your wardrobe today will save you time and frustration when temperatures drop tomorrow. Gone will be the days of opening your closet thinking “I don’t have anything to wear!” and then having the same pyjamas for days on end (we’ve all been there!). Having pieces in your closet that are chic but also wearable all-day will make life a little easier.

Planning your look ahead

When storing away your summer clothes and bringing out your jackets and sweaters, take inventory of what you already have and make note of new pieces you want to invest in. Take it slow and a couple of weeks later, go back to your list: if those items you have written down still seem exciting and something you still want, that’s a good sign that you found a keeper. It is also a good time to make a donate pile and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or you haven’t worn in a while.

Fall wardrobe essentials

Autumn always seems to creep up and suddenly you are in need of a jacket in the morning and evenings. Whether you are looking forward to outdoor activities (in which you can safely distance yourself from others), nights around the fire pit with your family, or being curled up on the couch with your favourite book, having a wardrobe that is comfortable and stylish can also be a mood booster. And even if you are at home most of the time these days, you can’t go wrong with picking new pieces that you will look forward to wearing with confidence and that will carry you through the autumn season and beyond.

Here are 10 items to keep you feeling and looking your best for whatever life throws at you.


These long cardigan style sweaters are the ultimate Autumn staple because they can be worn over pretty much any bottom, including a dress or skirt. There is also a lot of versatility as they come in a multitude of colours and styles to suit what looks good for your body type. These are great to stock up on because you can mix-and-match with so many of the other pieces in your closet. Having a few different sweaters in this style will give you a bunch of options for different occasions.

Basic Layers

Layers will not only keep you warm but are a great way to add interest to any outfit. Having a few basic layering pieces are a great add your Fall wardrobe as they can be worn with different sweaters, jackets, vests and other items to keep you from getting bored with what is in your closet. Whether you’re more the ruffled white blouse type or the graphic tee type, or both, basic layers are the foundation to an outfit. Plan to have a range of options to best maximize the different outfits you can put together, depending on your mood or the occasion.

Comfy Pants

Pants that feel like loungewear are a practical choice because you can easily dress them up or down. These will work well when you want to have ‘put together’ look but don’t feel like wearing tailored pants, especially if you’re going to be in them all day. There are so many types of comfy pants to suit your taste and style. From joggers to faux leather leggings to buttery soft stretchy pants, look for a pair that you feel good in and that feels good to put on.

Trendy Accessories

Accessories are a great way to make any outfit stand out. Whether you want to start small with a hair accessory or invest in a bag with a trendy pattern or eye-catching colour, there is something for everyone at every price. Accessories are also a great way to add or subtract strength to an outfit and create different looks from the pieces in your wardrobe. The right accessories can make any outfit you wear over and over again look new and fresh. If you want to play safe go for a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses, a flap shoulder bag and bold designer earrings.

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Jewel Tones Outfits

Pieces in bold jewel tones such as ruby, sapphire, amethyst and citrine among others are always a welcome treat once summer comes to a close. These rich eye-catching hues look great on any skin tone. Find a colour that you feel confident in and have fun playing around with it. There is something about these tones that feel regal and will put a bounce in your step adding some glamour into your outfits, too.

Activewear/Loungewear Sets

Let’s face it, there are days when you just want to be in something super simple and comfy. Activewear or loungewear sets are the perfect thing to throw on when you want ultimate comfort but not sacrifice style. Choose from different prints and patterns depending on your style or keep it simple with a solid set. Having a coordinated set will help you to assemble an outfit without too much effort. An added bonus is that they don’t only create a look, but they are functional as well and can be worn for whatever type of workout you like to do.

Soft Pieces

Pieces that are made with faux fur, velvet, shearling or fleece will feel like a warm hug when you put them on. There’s nothing in your closet that will feel better on your skin than an item in one of these soft and cosy fabrics. They also add dimension and texture to your outfit, while keeping you warm on the coolest of Fall evenings.

Polished Nails

How about learning to do your own nails? Spending more time at home will allow you to incorporate self-care and activities that make you feel good. Whether you choose to add nail polish or not, having nails that are taken care of can add a special touch to any outfit and help you feel great from head to toe. There are plenty of trends to try out; from ombre nails to nail art, they will help keep you busy during this forthcoming season.

The Slipper

Picking a pair of supportive but elegant slippers will complete your look when you’re stuck at home. There are many brands out there which will make walking around at home more comfortable and are chic enough to complement any outfit you happen to be wearing. Plus, if you have to run out to get the mail or a package on your porch, there’s no need to change into “real” shoes.

Plaid Patterns

Plaid is a classic that comes back year after year in various guises and never seems to go out of style. Invest in patterned pieces that will last a long time and you can see yourself wearing repeatedly. Plaid is a great option because you can go as bold or as subtle as you like depending on the colours you choose. You can either start small with a plaid accessory like a scarf or go full-on plaid top to bottom.

Even though Fall doesn’t start until the second half of September, there’s no harm in planning what to wear for the next season. Go for it and embrace the change that Autumn brings.

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