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5 Must Have Types Of Underwear Women Over 50 Should Own

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Whether you are looking for more coverage, a bit of support to help you highlight your silhouette, or simply comfort, investing in the quality and materials of your underwear is a must when over 50. In fact, what once worked for us in our 30’s, is perhaps no longer the most flattering option in midlife.

To keep playing with your sensuality, feeling and looking at your best, you need to elevate your game with essential pieces that will never let you down.

Gone are those days when we suffered in silence constricted in a push-up bra and thong for the sake of fashion trends. Feeling good and sexy are top priorities now.

Of course, different underwear is designed for different purposes. Some lingerie is meant to be glamorous, while other pieces are meant to be practical and comfortable. It’s important to have a variety of lingerie so that you have the right piece for whatever occasion you may need it for.

Regardless of fashion trends, however, you can’t go wrong with the following basics that won’t break the bank.

Here are 5 must-have pieces, versatile undergarments to stock your top drawer with, that can also help keep the clutter out.

A wire-free support bra

No one should have to sacrifice health for beauty. And style shouldn’t have to come at the cost of comfort and practicality.

At 50, as our breasts become less firm, more sensitive, and often change due to weight gain and the menopause, you need a bra that stays in place, isn’t visible under clothes and feels comfortable. Above all, what you don’t want is something that digs into your skin.

For about one-fifth of all women, their breasts become bigger during the menopause – say experts at Miss Mary, the Sweden lingerie brand- It’s not uncommon to increase two cup sizes or even more. For most, the curves redistribute themselves a bit over the years, and the back, upper body and posture may also change“.

Wirefree bras do not have the hard metal lining that sits beneath the breasts and constricts the flow of lymph fluid. They aren’t nearly as restrictive as conventional underwire bras and allow for the natural movement of the breasts throughout the day to give them the freedom they need.

Look for models which prioritise wide comfort shoulder straps and cups in comfortable cotton lace with cotton lining that allows the garment to breathe.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for boring underwear. But will a wire-free bra really be able to support a large bust? Yes, a wire-free bra can certainly support heavy breast tissue so long as it is well-fitted and is designed for what you are asking it to do.

If you are looking for a bra that pushes your breasts up and stops them from bouncing, then it’s time to look for the help of a professional bra fitter. Beautifully fitted lingerie will maximise your look and boost your body confidence.

If you feel like your breasts are growing due to the menopause, choose a bra with a cup that is elastic, moulded and unpadded. Your breast will definitely thank you.

Also, if you feel stiff and have difficulty making some twisting movements, a front-closure bra can help. Choose one with a front-closure bra, that will make it easy to dress up in the morning as these models require to be fastened at the front.

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Mid-rise seamless hipsters

Available in different colours, they are perfect for tight skirts, shorts, dresses and work pants.

This type of underwear not only prevents lines from being visible but is also much gentler on the skin because it is usually made of spandex or cotton yarn. Since the seam lines are close to invisible, they leave the area looking and feeling smooth on the outside.

For perfect light coverage, stock up on smooth, stretchy briefs that sit just below the waist.

A light shapewear

Shapewear performs mini miracles and is definitely a must-have lingerie element. Perfect for pencil skirts, form-fitting dresses and slim trousers, it will give you a sleek, smooth silhouette in an instant while lifting your booty and reducing any love handles.

Great for those days when you feel bloated and you want to dare a bit more with a flirtatious outfit.

To avoid feeling too constricted opt for comfortable, light-to-medium control for everyday life.

A sexy camisole

Cosy camisoles may be a problem solver when it’s time to put together a look in a snap. They are now an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe and come in a variety of shapes, styles, and fabrics.

You can wear a cami as a casual top or can even layer it in different ways, know it will always hug your body in all the right places promising a smooth, toned silhouette.

Look for a breathable, moisture-wicking one with a built-in shelf bra for that extra bit of support, or opt for a nude cami for a little extra coverage under blouses and button-ups.

Ideally, a silk cami with a little lace along the edges is a classic example of lingerie as outerwear. Pair it with a biker jacket or a cardigan and dark jeans for an easy and flirty date night look.

A black body suit

It’s definitely a piece you’ll wear all year round. According to stylists at Annibody, a designer bodysuit label for a minimalist wardrobe, “the purpose of this undergarment is to provide support and a seamless tucked-in so that you can style with comfort and ease“.

Bodysuits can be skin-tight or relaxed, and due to their tension from shoulders to crotch, they can hug your curves as the perfect foundation, and on top so you can pair them with any bottoms you want.

When in doubt, opt for a black bodysuit: it will smooth and elongate your torso and serve as a base for any look. The trick is finding one in an opaque stretchy fabric with a full-coverage bottom as well as, of course, a snap gusset down below.

But what if you feel like wearing a classic matching bra and panty set?

 Well, every woman should have at least one: it can elevate your sense of carrying an outfit to the next level. So, go ahead and treat yourself, you will find plenty of options in the market.

And in case you want the full package, update your collection with a bralette matched with comfy but still slinky bottoms, pyjama pants, and a silk robe.

Now, look at yourself in the mirror: who is the sexiest of them all?

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