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September 2022 Horoscope | CrunchyTales

What’s In The Stars? Your September 2022 Horoscope

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Welcome to September Crunchy ladies and get ready to embrace new chances and opportunities in midlife, after the well-deserved summer holidays. Although it may be tough to return to the usual routine, the Stars have great plans for all of you.

After being away for many months, Mars finally reappears in the Sign of Gemini. This means, in the following six months, it will bring new opportunities to light for all of you. This is the right time to change your job, invest money, reconsider an old project and even to find love. September is an aligned time to flirt with your sense of expression and spruce up your look. Shed your old skin and take a step closer to expressing yourself in a more authentic way.

Find out what the Stars have in store for you this September.

♈ Aries (March 21-April 20)

“Planning” is the watchword of the month. In the coming weeks, the presence of Mercury may bring you a new job or a significant change in your profession. You will face so many stimulating experiences that you won’t have a dull moment. Due to your partner’s choices regarding his/her profession, even Love could undergo a change. A new residence is not excluded. Romantic connections with Sagittarius and Pisces. Lucky day: 17 September.

♉ Taurus (April 21-May 20)

These are extremely favourable weeks for you, Taurus. The presence of the Sun supports your relationships and especially your business. These blessings in disguise may be a professional trip or a chance to set up your own business. Money-wise, Mercury helps you with a long-awaited approval: either regarding a document or a new car. Family-related news is coming your way, too. Consider this time to enjoy life to the fullest.

Gemini (May 21-June 21) 

Mars brings in a lot of news for you, Gemini. An extremely favourable and enterprising period is coming your way. The stars encourage you to try something new. This planetary kiss can kick up romance: expect to see an increase in passion and intimacy in your relationship. There are exciting times ahead regarding a raise in your job, as well as chances to improve your health by working out in new environments. Only one negative note has the potential to interfere with this lucky period: your excessive availability towards others.

Cancer (22 June-22 July) 

You are the most romantic Sign of the zodiac. For you, a life full of love and passion would be ideal. So, why don’t you set things in motion? This is the right month to get back in the game. Expect romantic connections with Libra and Scorpio. Money-wise, some long-awaited professional recognition will bring you new opportunities to achieve your desired goals. Lucky day: 11 September.

♌ Leo (23 July-23 August) 

Saturn continues to ask for greater maturity and introspection: these are important weeks for you to decide which side to be on in your life. It’s not easy for a sign like yours to venture into difficult situations which require responsibilities, however, regardless of the premises, your savoir-faire will help you turn things to your advantage whether it’s love or business. There’s no room for second thoughts: let Saturn guide you. And when in doubt, appeal to your rationality and sense of duty. You won’t be wrong.

♍ Virgo (24 August-22 September) 

A very special birthday for you: the Sun in the sign, together with Uranus, makes things very easy for you this month, Virgo. In love, expect some new emotional highs, at work you’ll have excellent relationships with colleagues and a superior, and in the family, there’s the arrival of news that makes you happy. The energy of the Sun indicates positivity and success: elements that make you the luckiest in the zodiac. There’s success in money and an excellent time to buy a house. Recovery of an old credit. Lucky day 11 September. You’ll have an excellent connection with a Scorpio or Sagittarius.

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♎ Libra (September 23-October 22)

Jupiter in your Sign tends to confuse ideas and slows you down. This is not the right time to invest money, plan a new business or change your goals. To fully recover from this unsettled month, it’s better to carefully work out and look after your overall well-being. Why don’t you start to exercise with that lovely Gemini or enterprising Aquarius? A strong connection between you and these two signs is written in the Stars. Avoid commitments on the 17th and 18th of September.

♏ Scorpio (23 October-22 November)

Put your pride aside and be more welcoming towards life. Being so private and reserved is quite useless at this time. Instead, be positive and keep your spirit high as in the next few weeks you’ll be in need of all of your energies to face new responsibilities. At work, your supervisor may ask you for more attention and more commitment in carrying out your duties. In love, you may experience some tension with your partner. In some cases, an abrupt breakup is not excluded, too. Find support in a Capricorn or Pisces. Don’t worry, the storm will pass after September 20th. Expect some great news money-wise.

♐ Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December)

What a positive month for you, Sagittarius. Thanks to Jupiter making peace with Mars, you now may count on a useful shield to protect yourself from any problems, whether it’s your private or professional life. If you are looking for love, on September 20, there is a chance to meet passion at first sight. On the other hand, if you are already in a relationship, don’t neglect your partner if you want to avoid misunderstandings. These are important weeks to move to a new house or revamp your apartment. Delve into your creative side, deeply!

♑Capricorn (22 December – 20 January)

These are important weeks to make long-term decisions. The Stars support you in your professional life, offering you new opportunities. Don’t underestimate what may be around the corner: even small chances might be blessings in disguise. If you are looking for new relationships, be more open to change and don’t go too fast. A new encounter needs time to evolve. If you practice a competitive sport, the results might surprise you: victory is guaranteed.

♒ Aquarius (January 21-February 19) 

Mars may urge you to go faster to accomplish your goals but be careful, exceeding in your performances may just make you lose important pieces along the way. It doesn’t matter in which direction you are going, the most important thing is not to overdo it. In love, you will find a renovated sexual intimacy with your partner that will lead you to an excellent bond. Money-wise, new financial opportunities are on the way. Don’t invest all of your savings on those terrific stilettos: the stars remind you to pay attention to your ankles.

Pisces (February 20-March 20)

This month, the Stars guarantee great chances of success for you in all aspects of your life. This transit is big for acts of service, and it’s a constructive time to use dialogue to improve your closest relationships. Refining and shifting your habits can bring more harmony, too. Expect to achieve new professional heights, thanks to the help of someone out of your inner circle. There are some great opportunities to experience positive changes in your life, too: in the next few weeks expect to buy a new car, pass an exam or finally get that long-awaited document. Also, consider taking the next step in your relationship. Improve your diet: Summer might have left you with some extra pounds to get rid of.

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