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CrunchyTales is the first illustrated online magazine on a mission to reset the meaning of middle age. Founded and edited by lifestyle journalist Michela Di Carlo, wants to empower those ladies who don’t let age define them, women over 40 and beyond who need to be seen, heard, and celebrated.

Our news and features on lifestyle, food & wine, travel, and wellbeing are specially tailored for the late bloomers; those women who are evolving rather than disappearing, open to change, and confident to start a positive revolution at any stage of their life.

Midlife is a great chance to rediscover yourself and reinvent a new path. Make us part of your journey!

Why ‘CrunchyTales®’?

Usually, crunchy conversations involve difficult or tough topic talks that have the potential to make us vulnerable or uncomfortable (in this case ageism or midlife issues for example). Via our magazine and panel discussions, we want to address these subjects in a better way, showing ladies over 40 that the best has yet to come.

Crunchy means also tasty, crispy, or something that makes a sharp noise. We want to encourage women in their middle age to speak up and say it loud: we are not over the hill! We deserve to be seen and heard. We are here to celebrate their strengths and wisdom.

Redefining Midlife, one illustrated story at a time!

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