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Can Feng Shui Make Your Valentine’s Day Memorable? 

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According to the Chinese Horoscope, we’re entering the year of the Tiger. Whether it’s your sign or not, approaching Valentine’s Day I guess some midlife women would like to roar a bit more in bed, so why not bring feng shui to the bedroom?

I know some of you would prefer to treat your partner with aphrodisiac food, others would simply prefer to count on the power of unrefined Guatemalan cacao nibs (which act as an aphrodisiac), but sometimes the right atmosphere can add a new sparkle in bed, especially when the mechanics of sex may become a bit more difficult after menopause.

So curious to learn more? I’ve dug a bit into this ancient Chinese art – used in interior design to foster positive, healing energy (known as qi) in a given space- to see if we could apply it to our sex life, too. And guess what? Apparently, according to the golden rules of Feng Shui, creating an environment that touches on all the senses, specifically in the bedroom, can help romance whilst encouraging intimacy.

If there’s very little going on in your marriage or partnership, you might consider giving your bedroom an energetic cleansing. At least that’s what the Feng Shui experts claim. Lillian Too, who has written 16 books on the topic says, ‘The structures around you also emanate energy and if these structures are placed in a harmonious fashion based on feng shui guidelines, you can attract good energy, and therefore you can attract good fortune and good luck.’

Moving your bed to a place in the bedroom where it can be entered from both sides, for instance, would add balance in your life and create accessibility as one won’t be climbing on top of the other to get out. This will allow energy and space for a solid partnership. On the contrary, if your bed is flush against a wall and can only be entered from one side, it symbolizes not making room for someone to enter or remain in your life.

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What’s more, to create a romantic atmosphere that is focused on the pair of you, Feng Shui experts recommend removing any mirror facing the bed. In fact, when it comes to intimate relations, seeing the reflection of you and your partner can make it seem like there is a third party watching (unless you like the idea, but that’s another story). In general, giant mirrors can be particularly overwhelming, so it’s important to ensure they are not the focal point of any room.

Clutter is another element to address. Unfortunately, keeping junk under your bed blocks energy and keeps you from being focused on yourself, your body and your partner. Feng-Shui experts say, that you should remove anything that reminds you of past lovers, photos, love letters, presents and gifts, yes even stuff from your parents. You could even consider changing your mattress.

If you want to go even further, you can enhance the sexual energy in your bedroom by displaying symbols that activate the energy of love, such as a photograph of you and your partner, a sculpture of lovers, a heart-shaped object, a crystal prism,  or a sensual painting.

You can also invest in red accents like rose petals on the bed, a red rug, or even a red lampshade to add glamour to the room. Feng-shui principles suggest placing a red object on the female nightstand to increase eroticism in the female partner. On the male’s nightstand place a tiny jar of copper scraps or something made of copper. Copper represents the male essence and enhances eroticism to its fullness.

Would I dare to go so far? Not really, but I’m sure that clearing up my bedroom and changing the air would help my mind to be more focused on my self-esteem and needs (in bed, too). In the end, the brain is still the female master organ in sexual function. Isn’t it?

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