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The Five Love Languages

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Nowadays relationships seem quite challenging and difficult to maintain. Too often we take things for granted and even though we do care for our partner and we look after him/her, we soon realise those occasional dates and kisses may not be enough to keep the flame burning. Why? Because we often fail to express love in intentional and meaningful ways so that our partner will be able to understand.

The sooner you understand that your other half might have a different way of expressing their affection the better because that means you would avoid misinterpretations and conflicts.

According to Dr Gary Chapman, author of the bestseller “The Five Love Languages“, the key to a lasting relationship is learning the love language your mate speaks. This may include words of affirmation either in the form of praise or appreciation, quality time spent together engaging in an activity you both enjoy, and physical expressions of love (such as holding hands, a hug or a kiss). Of course, that depends on the personality and upbringing of your other half. Other people, for example, would rather prefer expressing love with acts of service, doing something helpful or kind for their partners or giving/receiving gifts.

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Basically, “The Five Love Languages” are five simple ways that we want love to be shown to us and the ways that we show others love. Discovering which one you and your partner speak or respond to the most will help to cement your bond in the long term and will help you be better equipped to meet your partner’s emotional needs.

Once you are committed to learning someone else’s love language, you will see how the relationship becomes smooth. That’s because you are primarily focused on your partner needs rather than your own.

If you are wondering what your love language is, try taking Dr Chapman’s 30-question quiz to see which love language is your dominant type.

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