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Closet Confidential: Inside Model Suzannah Hicks’ Wardrobe

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Have you ever wondered what models wear when they are out of the spotlights? How do they develop their signature style? We know how challenging could be to revamp our wardrobe when middle aged. Suddenly, it looks like nothing fits properly anymore. We have to say goodbye to that lovely dress or that cosy skirt that used to make us feel like a dancing queen. But we shouldn’t feel lost as our wardrobe is supposed to change and evolve according to our lifestyle.

We asked Suzannah Hicks, a classic model over 50, mother to five children and grandmother, to share her style tips with us. As appearance is the key factor for success in the fashion industry, the simple, elegant sense of style she has developed over the years has helped boost her confidence and enabled her to express herself in her own unique way.

My stylish mother taught me the value of buying new, second hand, making and altering clothes and the absolute joy of being given beautiful, hardly worn dresses – she says to CrunchyTales-. A good balance of classic, quality, well made, usable, stylish things to keep in my wardrobe and add to for years to come. My father, who used to work in Public Relations, gave me an eye for simple paired down classic, smart, well-made clothes and shoes with a huge emphasis on teaching me about the importance of working on inner beauty as well as appearance.

Suzannah Style Tips

When choosing an outfit for the day, style and comfort play a huge part for Suzannah, with the focus being on what the day holds. Maybe a holiday involving a long flight, a smart casual party, or a day at home with all its various tasks.

Travelling on Holiday

The keywords to consider when choosing a good travelling outfit along with style would be comfort, warmth, simplicity, layering, flexibility and function. “I’d choose a soft pair of smart baggy jeans, layers including a vest top, soft shirt and jumper or a soft polo neck jumper, pashmina or wrap and soft squishy jacket for extra warmth – Suzannah Says-. Comfortable flats, trainers or ankle boots. A functional backpack-style bag with a pair of soft slippers to use on the flight and an eye mask. The wrap or pashmina comes in handy to use as a blanket or pillow”.

Party Time

Shopping for her wardrobe plays a huge part in finding a good outfit for a party. Her choices for an evening out? “A pair of vintage chocolate brown velvet jeans with a soft, silky, satin vest top in chocolate brown, a pair of smart patent leather ankle boots and to finish a thin sequined scarf in ‘old gold’ which is used instead of jewellery with a chocolate brown leather biker jacket. Simple but elegant, stylish and very comfortable with interesting textures”.

A Day at Home

Being at home for the day can be the most difficult to dress for. Admin, housework while listening to good music, means it has to be something comfortable, easy to wash and easy to wear but still stylish. “Usually opting for a pair of black pull-on jeggings – she suggests-, soft grey polo neck jumper over a t-shirt with a lovely orange scarf and a smart, vintage camel coat, bought from a charity shop, ankle boots, and you’re ready to go shopping or have a quick coffee with a friend”.

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The Power Of Accessories

If you want to breathe new life into your wardrobe, Suzannah recommends looking beyond clothes. When accessorising, she chooses very carefully with the premise her father taught her that ‘less is more‘. “For example, a bright chunky orange necklace with a timeless, cotton, khaki summer dress from 100% Lino, bought many years ago. A pair of woven gold pumps from the factory shop at French Sole and a gold bag pack style bag. Dress up with a smart jacket or with an always, edgy, classic, vintage, Levi Denim Jacket“.

Other options? “A cashmere polo neck jumper in camel colour from M&S, worn with a pair of Levi jeans, a brown belt with an interesting metal buckle, light gold flats, brown biker jacket with a textured chestnut coloured scarf and not forgetting a really stylish accessory that my mother taught me to wear, a simple large faced watch on a woman’s wrist looks ultra-feminine. To finish off the look my trusty gold backpack bag”.

For Suzannah, you also can’t go wrong with “a pair of vintage, tailored slim leg, ankle-length, black evening trousers from Joseph, a beautiful, simple ivory silk blouse from Zara with a pair of gold high heels bought from an L.K. Bennett sale and accessorised with a blingy but simple necklace in diamante and matching earrings from Zara. Wear with a matching evening jacket or a simple neutral-coloured wrap and simple gold evening bag”.

Looking at the style choices of Suzannah, we can’t deny the importance of mixing and matching old and new items when revamping a wardrobe. It is also crucial to embrace fashion as a way of expressing who we are and who we want to be. Self-confidence, in the end, is the best outfit we can wear. Suzannah’s ageless smile says it all.


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About Suzannah Hicks

She developed her love for modelling when working with her Mother on model assignments, in the mid to late sixties. She appeared in British Vogue, worked with Mary Quant, Levi and Fashion Designers to Princess Diana, David & Elizabeth Emmanuel. At the age of 50, she decided to put the wheels in motion and try to return to her modelling career, this time as a Classic Model, after being a stay at home mother to five kids for 36 years. With marriage, grown-up children and the arrival of grandchildren in the background the time was right for her to focus on herself again.

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