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CrunchyTalks: We Finally Made It To Rome

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Midlifers are a force for good but in order to flourish, they need to connect, share experiences and support each other along a journey full of surprises, some disruptions and unexpected epiphanies. Our CrunchyTalks are made for inspiring and encouraging all those women who are forging a new path, despite what society thinks about ageing. And we will not stop spreading seeds of good until all midlife women will be free and happy to bloom again.

That’s why, after our pre-pandemic sold-out events in the UK, we decided to export the format in Italy, too. Finally, we have been able to bring our sparkling conversations to Rome.

It was such a joy to see so many people attending our talk and gathering again after such a long difficult year for everyone. Last Friday, inspirational ladies from different backgrounds joined me in Villa Sciarra (one of the most beautiful and secluded green park of the Eternal City), for the launch of our CrunchyTalks-Italy, a series of conversations dedicated to midlife, with the mission of reshaping the way women look at ageing, inspiring and encouraging ladies to live this stage of life to the fullest.

Once again, it was an evening of wisdom and fun in which we smiled at some frustrations but also realised how sisterhood in midlife is so powerful: an alliance transcending class, culture, age and ethnicity, and united by its common cause: challenging ageism, redefining the narrative around midlife. Whether it is uncovering a dormant dream, moving through past fears or find a new purpose, our talks are there to remind midlifers this is our time to thrive and bloom.

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Joining me for such a lovely gathering, a brilliant panel of experts who endorsed our project, accepting to take part in our challenge: aesthetic doctor Anadela Serra Visconti, gynaecologist Maria Giovanna Salerno, actress Alessandra Monti, author Federica De Paolis, wine producer Rosanna Melchionda, image consultant Silvana Matarazzo.

We discussed about successful ageing, style and colours, new challenges and opportunities, menopause, wellbeing, motherhood. Above all, we shared stories of repurposing and reinvention.

When people ask me what is the secret ingredient of our lovely events I always answer – the panellists we choose and the alchemy we are able to create. Above all, the magic formula is about connecting inspiring women who believe their story of midlife renaissance would inspire another sister.

Would you like to be part of our next talk as a panellist? Do you think you have the Crunchy Factor?
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