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Escape to the Country: 7 Health Benefits Of Rural Living In Midlife

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Living in a city has its benefits. Everything is at your fingertips. However, the hustle and bustle of a metropolis can sometimes become rather hard to tolerate and in midlife, many of us start thinking about whether it should be wise to move to the countryside to seek out more space and a calmer and more tranquil lifestyle.

Maybe it’s because you hope to take advantage of a lower cost of living, looking for new chances to start over your life after a divorce or bereavement, or simply need to find new meaning since your kids left home, small towns and rural areas may be a fertile option for you offering a wide range of opportunities for you to unwind and relax while freeing your mind from the unnecessary hassles of everyday life.

Over the years, being outdoors and surrounded by nature also has been found to help ease many mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. This is particularly important in your retirement years as it is throughout your life: being amidst nature not only helps with your mental health but also helps with your physical health as well.

If you are still considering reasons for relocating to the countryside, here are some insights from the Off-Grid Gas Division at Flogas which would help you make up your mind in favour of your overall wellbeing.

Less pollution: better respiratory & cognitive health

According to research, spending time on a busy city street can be detrimental to our cognitive functions, as our brains are less able to retain information and control impulses as a result.

With trees and greenery replacing the many shooting cars and mopeds, there are fewer such problems in rural areas. Not only is the countryside quieter, giving your ears and head some well-deserved rest, but the air is much cleaner too. You can breathe fresh quality air without worrying about running into respiratory problems.

Personal autonomy and privacy

Rural living is a great choice if you want to regain some personal autonomy. With all the distractions and social pressures that cities come with, living in the countryside offers you the chance to dedicate yourself to your own needs and priorities. Chances are that, if you move to a rural area, you will not have to deal with noisy – and nosey – neighbours either.

A stronger sense of community

Despite being packed with people, cities can actually lack a sense of togetherness. Meanwhile, residents in rural areas are bound to get to know each other at some point and tend to enjoy a close-knit community.

Paradoxically, rural living can help tackle sentiments of loneliness. With a shared sense of community, there is always someone to meet up with to have a good, heart-to-heart chat. However, when you are not in the mood for socialising, you can keep to yourself and make the most of the tranquillity of the glorious countryside.

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An abundance of locally sourced food to encourage home cooking

There is no hiding the fact that you are spoilt for choice when choosing to dine in the city centre. You can taste whichever cuisine you fancy and grab a bite whenever you feel peckish. But it is also true that the food is almost never as fresh as it could be.

Rural living is the perfect way to enjoy quality food and products on a regular basis. With nutritious, locally sourced products just a stone’s throw away and no fast-food chains in the zone, you are likely to cook your own meals and experience the benefits of a healthy diet every evening.

More opportunities for outdoor activity and exercise

With fields, woodlands, and ample green spaces just outside your front door, there are plenty of opportunities for some all-important exercise in the countryside. If you are not good at weightlifting or running, you needn’t worry. On any given day, you can hike, bike, ride your horse, and take a dip in the local pond or lake. Even just mowing your much larger garden or tending to your crops or animals can lead to a more active lifestyle than you’d find elsewhere.

Miles of greenery on your doorstep

It is fair to say that countryside, rural houses are way more spacious than city apartments. If you need some extra room and want to relax in airy communal areas, rural living is a great solution. This will also allow you to welcome some new friends to your family.

Whether it is dogs, cats, or horses, being around four-legged companions can work wonders on your mental health and happiness. With wider indoor space and miles of greenery at your doorstep, there is heaps of room in the countryside for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Ultimately, moving from an urban or suburban area to a more rural community can be a big change — but for many, it’s a life-changing and worthwhile one. It gives you the chance to take care of the land, have control over yourself and your property, and find a new sense of purpose in your living environment. And guess what? These days it’s also a great option for remote workers who might be feeling cramped by the city or suburban life. As long as teleworking is on the table, they can keep running their business, while enjoying a more active, nature-inspired lifestyle at the same time.

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