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Including Adult Children In Your Wedding Ceremony | CrunchyTales

Family Ties: Including Adult Children in Your Wedding Ceremony

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Planning a wedding is an exciting time in one’s life, especially when you’ve found Mr. Right in your 50s or later. But what if you have adult children and you want to make sure they feel included and valued during the wedding planning process?

If they are ‘on board’ for the wedding, happy to see their mother or father has found love again, this article will guide you through practical tips and creative ideas to involve them in your special day and make it truly memorable for everyone. 

Whether it’s helping with the decorations, organizing the guest list, or even giving a heartfelt speech, the most important thing is to respect their feelings and desires so you can ensure their participation does not feel like a burden but a joyful choice. 

Bear in mind that sometimes adult children may not feel comfortable expressing their fears or doubts. It might take them time to fully understand and accept your request for their participation. A clear rejection at first could turn into an enthusiastic acceptance later on. So, give them the time they need to fully accept the changes before expecting them to embrace a supporting role.

The ideas are endless, and the rules are all flexible. So depending on the age of your children and their personalities, go with what makes them comfortable!

If you’re looking to create a wedding that brings together generations and celebrates the love and support of your entire blended family, here are a few suggestions.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen: An Inclusive Role

A fairly traditional way to include adult children in a wedding ceremony is to invite them to be bridesmaids and groomsmen. This role allows them to stand proudly beside you on your special day, highlighting their importance and making them feel like integral members of your wedding party and life.

Unity Ceremonies: Symbolic and Emotional

If both of your families are big on symbolism, why not opt for a unity ceremony? For example, you could choose to incorporate a sand blending ritual, which symbolizes not only the unity of two people but also the unity of their children. During the ritual, different coloured sands are poured into a single vessel, representing the coming together of two families into one harmonious whole. Lighting candles together or planting a tree are other beautiful options.

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Heartfelt Readings and Speeches

Another great way to include adult children in your wedding ceremony is to invite them to deliver readings or speeches. This is an especially lovely way to involve those ones who love poetry, as they can choose meaningful passages, and poems, or even write heartfelt words that express their love and support for your marriage. Nothing beats these personal touches, as they’re meaningful and guaranteed to leave a lasting impact on everyone present.

Family Vows: A Pledge to Togetherness

If you wish to emphasize the commitment you’re making to both your partner and to your children and stepchildren, consider incorporating family vows that include your kids in your ceremony. These promises will highlight your dedication to nurturing and supporting your family’s growth and happiness.

Walking Down the Aisle: A Heartfelt Gesture

Traditionally, parents escort the bride down the aisle. However, you can always ask your son or daughter to walk you down the aisle, too. This gesture is a wonderful way to reinforce that your child (or your partner’s child) is a part of a new family. Plus, it signifies that the adult child fully welcomes their new step-parent into their life.

Magic Moments: Ask them to Take your Wedding Photos

Last but not least, don’t forget to get your adult children involved as photographers, too. Yes, these days most of them can master the art of digital photography becoming a great support when it comes to capturing those magic moments with photos to be collected in a wedding album later on. Can you imagine the fun of creating yours together? There are plenty of affordable wedding album options available today to proudly display on a coffee table, allowing you to preserve your memories for generations to come. 

Enjoy your Wedding and Have a Toast in Their Honour

Finally, just because you are marrying again, doesn’t mean you should apologize or downplay the significance of this milestone. Finding love and starting fresh at 50 or beyond is truly a blessing and deserves to be celebrated. So go ahead, include the whole family and have a toast in your kids’ honour to welcome them to their new family.

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