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Over 50? How To Upgrade Your Wardrobe This Fall Without Breaking The Bank

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Fall is the perfect time to update your wardrobe and embrace new fashion trends but what if you’re not a fashionista and simply enjoy wearing whatever you want? 

Personal image is an ongoing journey, so if you are over 50 it’s not so unusual to feel that your wardrobe should reflect the woman you have become despite new trends. The numerous stylish midlife women who share outfit ideas on blogs and social media are proof that when it comes to style, seasonal trends work just as an inspiration not as a must.

While following the newest season can make you feel and look more contemporary, it’s crucial to stay true to your own personal style to avoid becoming lost in the crowd.

The new trend is not being trendy. It’s all about conscious fashion and making new combinations from your current wardrobe“, says Janna Wilterdink, the Instagram sensation behind the account who is on a mission to inspire women over 60 to be visible by their style. Mix and match the items you’ve already loved for years and watch closely the ones you forgot but are actually pieces to consider. Ask a friend to style this together or book in a paid styling session”

You don’t need to break the bank to keep looking stylish. Investing in key pieces like “a quality pair of black trousers, a vibrant coloured turtleneck or satin singlet” can be the basics to a wonderful wardrobe for many years to come, according to Janna.

But what if you feel too old to dare something different? “That’s in your head,” says Lucinda Chambers, ex-Vogue British fashion director, designer and stylist, co-founder of digital shopping platform Collagerie. “Being told what to wear adds to the pressure of being a little bit older and trying to keep it all together.  Style is undoubtedly a work in progress. The most stylish women I know are in their eighties and the others are in their sixties. I think it takes time, and that’s alright”.

Her own tricks to always look put together? Find an item from a brand that really fits you and suits you and stick with it.

Thankfully, as we age, our fashion judgment improves. By starting with the essentials in our wardrobes and then incorporating accessories and seasonal trends to highlight our distinct fashion personalities, we can build our own distinctive personal styles. 

How to incorporate Fall Trends 2023 into your wardrobe

Getting dressed becomes easier when your closet is filled with clothes you chose for you, not for the sake of the trendsetters. However, it wouldn’t hurt to have a sneak peek into fall trends to get some inspiration from when it’s time to reassess your style this season.

Whether you love to experiment or prefer timeless classics with a modern edge there are ways you can effortlessly stay ahead of the curve, looking chic throughout the season and making a statement wherever you go. 

As per Lauren M. Simmonds, founder and Chief Fashion Officer of The Fearless Fashionista, LLC, author of Find Your Fabulous: The Fearless Fashionista® Approach to Developing and Owning Your Style: “Women over 50 should wear trends that make them look and feel alive. I encourage mature women to not think about style in terms of age, but to be brutally honest about who they are and how they really want to show up in the world at this stage in their lives“. 

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Amongst the top Fall trends to consider, she recommends amplifying your personal style with statement jeans (think wide-leg pants, balloon legs, and exaggerated cuffs taking centre stage), bold colours (like silver or red) and sheer fabrics.

The cherry on top? Neck ties! Yes, they are the newest must-have women’s accessory of the season. I love a good masculine/feminine look”. says Lauren, “Wearing a tie is a bold and impactful look. This is for the confident woman who doesn’t mind being noticed”.

Overall, in case you don’t feel comfortable following trends and making a sudden shift in your wardrobe, Lauren recommends starting small: If you want to try colour, start with one article of clothing, like a top or an accessory — then increase the intensity when you’re ready. The same applies to patterns, fabrics, and textures“, she explains.

Refreshing your wardrobe for Fall on a budget

Not everyone can afford to clean out their wardrobe whenever there’s a new trend, though. While dusting off classic fall pieces is always fun, the desire to purchase new clothing items throughout the season can sometimes put undue stress on your wallet. 

According to Vogue UK, going shopping in your own closet is sometimes the best move, even better when you’re recycling old looks to be more sustainable.

A 2018 study showed that people ignore at least 50 per cent of their wardrobe. So why not give your closet a top-to-toe clear-out, putting together new outfits from old staples and creatively styling what you’ve already bought?

Start wearing more of your wardrobe. Most people wear the same few pieces repeatedly and often have a closet full of clothes“, continues Lauren M. Simmonds. “Either that, or they’re saving certain items for a special occasion. You can wear your nice jewellery, or a fancy skirt with sneakers, or a great dress any day. Avoid wearing your clothes the same way repeatedly and experiment by pairing your separates with different colours, patterns, and textures. You’d be surprised at how many new outfit combinations you can create“.

To revamp your wardrobe on a tight budget, fashion experts often suggest aiming to get staple pieces (like a classic little black dress, fancy denim jeans, nice leggings, basic tees, and tops) and then playing around with accessories (never overlook the power of a great bag and a statement pair of shoes). 

This is where your creativity comes into full force.

 “Choose striking ones by colours, material or design”, explains Janna Wilterdink. “A remarkable shawl can do wonders sometimes and it’s upgrading. When second-hand, it can also add a unique touchYou can scout great items at charity shops, online platforms like Vinted or other websites or simply enjoy swapping your items with a friend“.  

Above all, just focus on things you’d normally wear, think both on the comfort and practicality of that item, and maybe later spruce it up with top-notch shoes and a leather bag, and you’ll always look sensational.

In the end, it’s not about looking younger it’s about elevating and redefining your look, finding a wardrobe that fits your life, not the other way around. 

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