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How To Tap Into Your Midlife Superpowers

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As women in our midlife, we are at an interesting crossroads that can be a bittersweet time for many of us. Bitter, in that we may be thinking of our youth, opportunities missed, and a little afraid of what the future holds. Sweet because the future does hold so much potential and exciting possibilities.

Rather than looking at midlife as bitter or a crisis, wouldn’t it be better to emphasize the sweet part and think of middle age as a time of opportunity?

According to Harvard MBA and researcher Linda Rossetti, this stage of life may be “an incredible invitation to unlock the enormous potential that is resident within each of us”. An opportunity to become more energized, more excited about life moving forward. A chance to improve our relationship with ourselves, deep within us.

But how can we rediscover what our true callings and talents are? Finding and cultivating our superpowers may be a good option. A way to find our voice, our mission and our purpose.

Becoming your superhero

Superheroes aren’t confined to the big screen or the pages of a comic book. There is a great Wonder Woman within all of us and if we truly believe in our own strengths and our individual talents, we can become the saviour of our life. However, like for any superhero, it’s important to discover what we’re able to do, how can we tap into our extraordinary inner sources, and, most importantly, what we’re going to use our powers in service of. A process that requires exploring, sharing and getting out of our comfort zone.

The first step to discovering your personal superpowers is to realize that you are enough. Only you possess the combination of talents and skills which make you unique. Especially now, in midlife, you have accumulated such a great wealth of experience and knowledge and there is no one with your history and environment from which to draw from. You have so much to offer the world.

By leveraging your strengths, working on improving your weak areas, and staying committed to your goal of personal growth and well-being, you’ll be closer to unleashing your powers with intention and fulfilling your potential.

Take some time to uncover your true gifts by asking yourself the following questions and journaling the answers:

  • What 3  things am I really good at?
  • What 3 talents or skills have made me successful?

Next, do the following exercises:

  • Make a list of all your successes – even little ones. Put a timer on for 10 minutes and go (don’t think too much about them, just brainstorm)
  • Ask 3 people who you know well a) what are my superpowers or zone of genius? b) what topic would you come to me for advice on? c) what do I do that you find of value?
  • Is there a common theme in their responses?
  • Do their answers align with your own assessment?

Once you realised you were put on this earth for a particular reason, don’t make the mistake of keeping your superpowers a secret. Be brave and let it grow with you, expressing them in different contexts.

Based on the superpowers that you’ve identified, ask yourself:

  • Am I currently using my talents to the best of my ability?
  • How can I use my talents or superpowers in a different way than I am using them right now that would make me more energized? Get creative!
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Cultivating your superpowers

There are several ways to cultivate your superpowers. One could be investing in self-awareness by taking the time to get to know yourself, or learning how to master your emotions by being open to your feelings and reflecting upon them in order to discover what they can teach you about yourself.

However, the most effective exercise to make your superpowers grow is practising visualization – a powerful way to train your brain to respond as if that outcome were true in the present moment- by imagining what you want to achieve in the future.

Your vision does not need to be created, though. It already exists within you and according to Tara Mohr, an expert on women’s leadership and well-being, author of Playing Big: Practical Wisdom for Women Who Want to Speak Up, Create, and Lead, you just need to get in touch with your Inner Mentor. 

The inner mentor is the experience of tapping into our unique inner guide. An older, wiser version of ourselves – she explains . This version of ourselves holds the wisdom and compassion to guide us to the next parts of our journey.

Unlocking your Inner Mentor

This can be a powerful exercise and one which leads to a lot of clarity.

Let’s go forward 20 years. By remaining still and contemplative, visualize your Inner Mentor and meditate on her. What does she say to you to get from where you are, to where she is? Visit her regularly. See her, feel her. Where does she live? What does she look like?

By visualizing our future selves in this way, we realize what we need to do in order to reach our inner mentor. It serves as motivation to tap into our genius, or our superpowers, and to share them with the world. 

Remember, you are unique. Only you possess that particular combination of talents and skills that make you shine. Find your superpowers. Harness them, cultivate them, and share them with the world. The world needs you.

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About The Author

Kavita Ahuja

Kavita Ahuja is an Entrepreneur and Founder of Power Purpose Play, a platform dedicated to advancing the personal growth and inner power of women in midlife. She is the host and visionary behind the successful Podcast, “The Midlife Reinvention”,  and a Personal Transformation and Transition Coach. At the age of 52, Kavita, who also holds a major in Biology and an MBA, left an extremely successful corporate pharmaceutical career of almost 25 years, found her next true calling. Her mission is to help women find the Power within them to rediscover their Purpose and reinvent themselves, regardless of their age or circumstance.

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