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In Praise Of The Specs

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What Do Jennifer Aniston, Brooke Shields and Jennifer Lopez have in common? They are all celebs over 40 who look even more amazing when wearing reading glasses. Whether you like these accessories or not, it’s good to know that they have the power of framing our face, covering our wrinkles and puffy eyes and eventually protecting ourselves from viruses.

Many studies also show that those who wear glasses are perceived as more intelligent and successful. According to a research by The College Of Optometrist, 43% of people in the UK think glasses make a person look more intelligent; 36% believe glasses make a person look more professional and 40% would consider wearing clear lens glasses in order to be cool. Clearly, spectacles are about much more than correcting eyesight. Wearing glasses can not only change people’s perception of you, but it can also alter the way you think about yourself. In fact, ladies now even wear glasses as a kind of power play, as an expression of confidence, for example, or to boost their confidence. In a competitive world, glasses can also prove a psychological tool in making their wearers more distinctive, and appear more honest, sophisticated, dependable, and industrious.

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The relationship between glasses and intelligence is more than mere perception. A 2012 study published in Ophthalmology and citing the results of a Gutenberg Health Study found that people who wear glasses are actually more intelligent. It looks like eyeglass wearers are less likely to partake in outdoor activities (perhaps for fear of damaging their fragile eyeglasses) and more inclined to stay inside, become bookworms for instance and then achieves top scores on IQ tests. In addition to appearing more intelligent, people who wear full-rim glasses are seen as more distinctive, according to a 2011 study published in the Swiss Journal of Psychology. They are gifted with more eye contact and overall attention.

Of course, I’m not suggesting you wear those pairs if they don’t fit you. The most important thing is to carefully-chose those eyeglasses that are able to emphasize your best features. Keep in mind a signature look is not just for artists and those who are famous. Anyone can establish it and wearing glasses is an excellent way to determine it; you can play up with them and define your unique style, adding personality to your look, no matter your age.

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