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Pack the bag! It’s Solo September

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Solo travel is one of the most empowering, brave and no doubt relaxing things you can do. Travellers initially set off alone for a kaleidoscope of reasons: self-discovery, alone time and re-charging batteries. While the thought of solo travel can be daunting, the act of travelling alone can build confidence and help you become comfortable with yourself. Whether you want to explore, learn a new skill or sample the local cuisine, travelling solo will open your eyes to beautiful locations and help you meet fascinating people along the way.

And guess what? Booking trends from several major operators show it’s becoming particularly popular with women travellers aged over 50. According to the latest Travelzoo survey, wellness is a primary goal for those travelling solo, which aligns with the current zeitgeist of a focus on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The best thing about travelling solo? Not being answerable to anyone else

When asked what their primary reason for travelling solo was, 30% of respondents said that it was to take time for themselves, 19% cited recharging their batteries as the primary reason and 15% ticked self-discovery. Amongst the best things about travelling alone, nearly two thirds (60%) answered: ‘not being answerable to anyone else‘.

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The survey has also revealed that solo holidays make Brits more adventurous and social, despite preconceptions of solo travel being lonely. Just over a quarter (26%) of Brits surveyed who have been on holiday and have travelled solo admit to being more sociable on their solo holiday than when travelling with friends or family; 43% of the same respondents admit to being more adventurous on their latest solo travel holiday in comparison to holidays with others.

Mind The Single Supplement

However, of the 1,722 people surveyed, 65% think that solo travellers are penalised financially which provides a disincentive to get away by yourself. Have you heard about ‘single supplement’? It is a charge by hotels or cruise lines to recoup their losses when only one person stays in a room, rather than two. Single supplements can range from 10% to 100% of the room’s double occupancy rate, meaning single travellers could sometimes pay twice as much as someone travelling with a partner. To offer solo travellers inspiration, tips and deals, Travelzoo has launched Solo September, with special deals from partners aimed directly at those travelling by themselves. Travelzoo’s Solo September campaign includes partners Just You, Emirates Holidays, TUI Tours and Silversea Cruises amongst others.

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