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Exploring the Emotional Journey: 5 Must-Read Menopause Fiction Books

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Embarking on the emotional rollercoaster of menopause can be a daunting and overwhelming journey for many women. From hot flushes to mood swings, the physical and emotional changes that accompany this phase of life can be challenging to navigate. Fortunately, literature has a way of capturing the essence of human experiences, and menopause is no exception. 

Whether you’re looking for a heartfelt memoir or a gripping novel, there are books we’re sure will resonate with every woman going through this transformative phase, providing a platform for them to explore and process their emotions, helping ladies feel validated and understood finding comfort in knowing that their feelings and struggles are shared by others.

Must-Read Menopause Fiction Books

Menopause fiction explores a variety of topics that are central to this emotional journey, hence their success amongst midlife women. 

One common theme is the search for identity and self-discovery. Many ladies experience a shift in their sense of self during menopause, and these books delve into the process of finding new meaning and purpose in life

Another prevalent theme is the exploration of relationships, particularly the impact of menopause on romantic partnerships, friendships, and family dynamics, making these books a roadmap for navigating the complexities of interpersonal connections during menopause. 

Menopause fiction also often looks into themes of acceptance, resilience, and the power of female friendships, highlighting the strength and growth that can emerge from this phase of life.

That’s probably why, one of the leading British publishers, HarperCollins wants to lead the way in creating a new genre – the menopause thriller – which would “portray peri-menopausal and menopausal women as smart, funny, powerful characters who are liberated, walk tall and fight back“.

If you’re up for a good read, here is our list of must-read menopause fiction books you shouldn’t miss this Summer.

 1) The Change by Kirsten Miller 

Combining a crime thriller with science fiction, Miller’s blistering feminist page-turner follows three midlife women conducting their own investigation into a corrupt, venal and ultimately murderous patriarchy. With a propulsive plot and characters that roar off the page, this is a book that’s “unafraid to take on societal misogyny while being satirical and even funny at the same time“, writes The Guardian. 

2) Murder in a Hot Flash by Marlys Millhiser

Between doing lunches, making deals, and being a full-time single mom, Hollywood literary agent and part-time psychic Charlie Greene doesn’t have time to solve crimes. But when the number-one suspect in the murder of horror director Gordon Cabot is her menopausal mother, Charlie suddenly finds herself a major player in a real-life movie more shocking than any screenwriter could have dreamed up. Amid warring film crews, wild cliff glides, and fears that Charlie’s agency is going under, she and Mitch race to catch a cunning killer of the lethal, two-legged variety in this electrifying novel.

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3) The Hot Flash Club by Nancy Thayer 

This wise, wonderful, and delightfully witty New York Times bestseller is a coming-of-age novel about four intrepid women who discover themselves as they were truly meant to be: passionate, alive, and ready to face the best years of their lives, sharing their passions, sorrows, joys, and, most importantly, their friendship. The first of a long and successful Hot Flash series, this is a wickedly funny, delightfully bawdy tale. 

4) How Hard Can It Be? by Allison Pearson

The witty sequel to I Don’t Know How She Does It, this novel sees a nearly-50-year-old Kate Reddy battling hormonal changes, difficult teenagers, and elderly parents. How Hard Can It Be? is a coming-of-age story for turning fifty. It’s about so much more than a balancing act; it’s about finding out who you are and what you need to feel alive when you’ve got used to being your own last priority. And every page will leave you feeling that there’s a bit of Kate Reddy in all of us.

5) Woman of a Certain Rage by Georgie Hall 

Woman of a Certain Rage is a smart and funny novel for all women who won’t be told it’s too late to shake things up. Eliza is a heroine many will recognise. She may sweat a lot and need a wee all the time, but she has something to prove. Often very angry, and very, very hot, despite her difficult teenage kids to deal with and her distracted husband, she has something to prove. Something is going to have to change —menopause be damned! An intelligent, funny, and relatable read.

By immersing yourself in these stories, we’re sure you can gain a deeper understanding of your own experiences and emotions, helping you navigate the complexities of this life stage with greater empathy and self-compassion.

So, grab a book from our chosen list, dive into the compelling stories, and embark on a literary adventure that will resonate with the essence of your own menopause journey.

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