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Returning To The Office: 5 Flexi Dressing Pieces To Buy Now

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After more than a year of wearing whatever was comfortable while working from home, how should gen x women rethink the office dress code returning to the office? Flexi-dressing might be the answer.

Now is the perfect time to invest in a few great pieces that will showcase your personal style: versatile items that you can mix and match for high-performing, down-to-business looks. It’s no wonder why many of the leading fashion brands have launched new collections for this unique back-to-work season.

Retailers such as Zara, Mango and H&M, for instance, are highlighting “smart casual” trousers, shirts and dresses on their websites, alongside the lounge and sportswear which lockdowns made ubiquitous. International brands Vince, Me+Em, Uniqlo and The White Company, as well as U.S. and UK retailers such as Nordstrom and John Lewis, are dedicating “site space to modern workwear staples, with a strong emphasis. on seasonless pieces to ensure versatility and longevity,” trend intelligence agency Stylus said in a recent report highlighting the urge to get ‘dressed up’ after spending so much time at home.

How to rock the return to the office look

No longer a matter of trends or occasions, the new way of dressing is all about key pieces that will work overtime. Think feminine blouse, oversized jumpers that are perfect for sinking into, statement cardigan, preferably in a rainbow-inspired colourway, soft boot-cut dress pants, unstructured flowy blazer and smart trainers.

Here are some other basic pieces for your flexi-dressing style for you to consider.

  • A comfortable pea coat

The beauty of the coat challenge is that once you’ve found it, you probably won’t need to look again for a very long time. Look for a bright colour (choose a vibrant green, fuchsia or red piece), with plenty of pockets and a comfortable fit, with enough room for you to be able to add layers underneath your coat. The best choice is a versatile one, so look into pea coats that can be worn multiple ways whether for an important meeting out of town or paired with chunky trainers for everyday style.

  • A slouchy two-piece suit

Relaxed, loose, and languid, you can style it with everything from sneakers to chic bow blouses, with both light, dark, and colourful options on display. A slouchy suit can be worn from morning to night, as eveningwear and casual wear, in the boardroom and at the bar. The key is to pair it with plenty of attitude, a chic tote bag and a pair of trainers or loafers and there you have it: an office outfit that means business, comfort and fun.

  • A bright blouse

The most versatile item for dressing for work, a blouse can be worn with everything from pencil skirts to dress pants and jeans. Depending on the formality of your office, you can dress a blouse up or down and layer it under a blazer or suit for a look that is pretty and sophisticated. Think beyond traditional striped button-down shirts. Instead, reach for blouses with feminine details like ruffles or in unexpected fabrics. You can even dare play with pop colours which complement your complexion or feminine puff-sleeve blouses for a french-like look

  • A pair of Palazzo Pants

The perfect piece to pair with everything from your favourite button-down to cosy knits, this trouser will make you want to leave the sweatpants at home. Opt for a pair of leg elongating high-waisted trousers, stretchy slacks, and minimalist patterned palazzo pants: paired with an oversize shirt for a more refined look, or a fitted vintage tee tucked in for a more casually cool feel.

  • The chic maxi dress

Comfortable and feminine, a great maxi dress is a must-have piece to wear to the office or dinner. The key is paying attention to how you pair it with accessories. With the right extra pieces, you’ll quickly transform the flowing, comfortable maxi into a work-ready look ready to make a good impression. Grab a blazer and a belt and you’ve instantly elevated a laid-back maxi into a powerful look for the office. Choose a solid colour and avoid maxi print, shiny details and a too deep neckline. Also, make sure to choose the dress according to your height.

  • A classic leather tote

No need to settle for the classic backpack. Add a tote to your wardrobe if you need a fashionable way to keep all of your supplies into a bag for work, the gym, or the beach and want to be able to grab them easily. With a spacious interior, a leather tote it’s a combination of comfort, style, and flawless organization and storage. The all-carrying bag will fit your classic outfits, as well as cocktail looks: keep things sophisticated and urban cool by pairing it with a tailored coat, white shirt, black leather trousers and white sneakers for an effortless all-day style. 

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Happy return to work!

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