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6 Style Lessons We Should Learn From Jackie Kennedy

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With her oversized glasses, silk scarf in her hair and other iconic pieces, Jackie Kennedy Onassis not only reinvented the First Lady’s wardrobe but still influences the way we dress today. 

During the late ’60s and ’70s, she mastered a clean-lined, minimal style that delivered maximum impact turning her into a timeless fashion sensation. However, even though Jackie wore countless hallmark outfits designed by Oleg Cassini and Chanel, many sporting classic cuts and unique oversized buttons, she never, ever looked like she was trying too hard. 

Here are six of her staples pieces you can use as an example to recreate a unique wardrobe at 40 and beyond.

The Empowering Boxy Suit

Back to the office? You won’t go wrong wearing a perfect Jackie’s look by donning a waist-length jacket (in either a single or double-breasted silhouette) and a classic, matching knee-length skirt. Almost all of her political public appearances involved a two-piece set in a singular tone. Elevate your game by playing with colours like certain pastel hues such as pink, peach, sky blue or light yellow. Ring the changes with a few strands of pearls or add a matching pair of pumps or sandals for an effortlessly chic look.

Shirts and T-Shirts

Time to reconsider the shirt outside of its traditional workwear realm; unbuttoned low and tucked into high waisted skirts and trousers is the way to wear it according to Jackie. Whether in white or navy, it always adds versatility, functionality and elegant style to any wardrobe. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a great T-shirt, a scoop-necked long-sleeved style or a boyish short-sleeved one are perfect in any season.

The Shift and the Sheath dresses

Depending on the occasion, Jackie usually was seen wearing two dress styles, the shift and the sheath. Each is timeless, works on most body types and can be wear in solid colours or prints like all-over floral patterns. The first one tends to be sleeveless and falls loosely, flattering your figure while concealing other areas. Alternatively, you could wear a closer fitting sheath dress with specific waistline details, such as a centre-front bow or buttons to enhance your hourglass figure. 

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Sophisticated Overcoats

Are you looking for a glamorous yet sophisticated coat to wear over your outfit this autumn? Choosing a leopard-print one will instantly add a touch of Jackie O’ to your style. Enhance the look by pairing it with a wide-rib neckline sweater in a neutral colour and rolled boyfriend jeans. Alternatively, pick a coat with a mid-thigh hemline in a double-breasted silhouette that emphasises your body shape. If you’re a fan of her later years, then a khaki-coloured trench coat will solve any of your fashion dilemmas.

Timeless pants

She certainly knew how to add a special touch to a minimalist look by simply wearing bottoms in solid colours or well-defined cuts. You can either pair a button-down blouse with wide-leg tweed trousers and pumps or opt for white, flared jeans matched with a black turtleneck. In summer, you could replicate her 1970s style with a striped, contoured top and white Capri bottoms. Ultimately an all-white outfit with beaded sandals really says Jackie O!

Classic Accessories

Complete the full look with one of Jackie O’s signature accessories, such as a pillbox hat, classic handbag (from Gucci to Hermes, Jackie always carried a designer one to store her essentials ), jewellery that will last a lifetime and her iconic sunglasses. If you like headscarves, you can wear them in many different ways, ranging from kerchief style to a bohemian head-wrap look. However, in order to avoid a look that may be too stiff, it’s best to choose solid or printed scarves in delicate fabrics, such as silk, georgette or chiffon. Last but not least, remember that a bold lipstick can be an accessory, too.

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