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Say it With A Meal: The Most Romantic Restaurants in Europe

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Spending time together is what Valentine’s Day is all about. Whether you are looking to relight that old flame or you want to embark on a new relationship you will never go wrong by having a romantic dinner date. Heart-adorned cards, bumper boxes of chocolate, bouquets of red roses might be lovely but they will never be able to replace that excitement of sharing a lovely tasty experience together. That’s particularly true (and much more appreciated), especially when you two are middle-aged and seasoned enough to get easily bored. Delivering your love message by treating your partner to an exquisite and intriguing meal in a unique atmosphere, where the chefs promise thrills for your taste buds as well as the other four senses, it’s something always exciting.

CrunchyTales has rounded up some of the best romantic yet down-to-earth restaurants around Europe that offer beautifully laid-out, tasty dishes based on local tradition but twisted with international innovation. A ‘crunchy’ formula to enjoy the 14th of February and all year round. Because real love doesn’t last just for one day. 

Delicious, local recipes at Nüman in Kuanas, Lithuania

Not a single detail at Nüman has been randomly picked: the food, the interior design and the menu tickle all your senses, yet introduce gastronomic mastery in a friendly way. Focusing on the essence and quality of locally grown and seasonal products, the chefs at Nüman seek to discover the best qualities and share them with guests in a unique form that pleases all the potential tastes. Fresh fish and meat accompanied by seasonal vegetables are laid out so beautifully, it’s almost a pity to eat them. The simple, whitewashed brick walls, the lush greenery in the interior décor and the laidback yet elegant vibe have crowned this Lithuanian restaurant one of the most romantic ones in all of Europe.
You can enjoy a degustation menu for approximately 70 euros.

Magical atmosphere at Mlynec in Prague, Czech Republic

Mlynec is located right at the feet of the famous, romantic Charles bridge in the enchanting capital of the Czech Republic. The atmosphere created by the interior design is truly magical and you can admire the marvellous panorama of the Vltava river flowing by while enjoying your meal. Mlynec’s elegant, international menus are based on seasonal and local produce and the chefs don’t shy from using contemporary culinary methods with respect to traditional, Czech customs. Mlynec offers several, intriguing degustation menus and the prices are very accessible, starting from 48 euros per menu.
Their most popular 5-course menu costs 65 euro. 

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Picturesquely pretty dishes at Greenes in Cork, Ireland

Located in Cork’s historic Victorian Quarter, Greenes is a lovely restaurant in a stone courtyard setting. Chef Bryan McCarthy and his team will assemble your meal with the best local, seasonal, foraged and organic Irish food available. The signature dishes are prepared using both traditional practices such as pickling and fermenting as well as innovative techniques and accompanied by the best of wines. The plates are as beautiful as they are tasty and you can opt for sumptuous sample menus ranging from 69 to 89 euros or order local meats and fishes from the á la carte menu.

Exquisite surprises for your sweetheart at Muru in Helsinki, Finland

Muru in Finnish means both “darling” as well as “crumble”. The restaurant’s philosophy is simple: they hand-pick the best seasonal ingredients and turn them into a fabulous four-course menu at 52 euros. The restaurant is located in the heart of Helsinki, on a fabulous shopping street – Fredrikinkatu – adorned with interior design and clothing stores.

The menu at Muru varies every day because the chefs only want to use the freshest ingredients available. Arctic fish, Nordic tubers and vegetables and desserts with berries will sweep your feet off the ground. And it is not a stiff fine dining-restaurant; what you experience is fun dining in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. So take your muru to Muru!

Tasty, Italian cuisine at Per te in Rome, Italy

Per te, one of the most romantic restaurants of the Eternal City is located in the centre of Rome, near Via Giulia and not far from the Tiber river. The simple, modern interior design caters perfectly to the exploration of the extravagant yet refined dishes signed by Chef Giulio Terrinoni who creates them based on high-quality ingredients and the inspiration from the ‘catch of a day’. The wine list is particularly rich and includes over 200 labels from Italy as well as other countries and continents. The ‘coupe roof’ of the smaller hall allows the love-birds to watch the starry sky while enjoying the special Valentine’s menu. Degustation menus ranging from 85 to 140 euros.



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