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La Leggenda Dei Frati: The Best Kept Gourmet Experience’s Secret In Florence

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Amongst all the excitement midlife women have thankfully not ignored over time is the thrill often triggered by the question: “Can you keep a secret?“. 

Inspired by the potential of uncovering and exploring new avenues in life, adding unique experiences under our belts, it’s true we often can’t resist digging around in order to find out what more is out there. 

That’s probably why if we are a foodie when it comes to a culinary experience, it’s not so surprising for us to look for venues off the beaten tracks and exclusive fine dining restaurants to add to our bucket lists to celebrate the women we have become.

This summer, when an insider spilt the beans on the name of the ultimate culinary haven in Florence to the CrunchyTales team, we couldn’t help but explore such an amazing restaurant, one of those exclusive addresses written on the little black book of the world’s top discerning food experts: La Leggenda Dei Frati.

Simply too irresistible to be kept just for us, we’ve thought it was worth sharing all its wonders with you, women in your prime, who deserve to reward yourselves in a unique way, celebrating your milestones or a special anniversary with a lifetime experience.

If you want to find another reason for visiting Florence this year and uncover what’s behind the doors of this culinary gem, keep reading.

The Story Behind La Leggenda Dei Frati Restaurant

It’s true, Florence is one of the world’s renowned Capitals of food and hospitality, a true gastronomic paradise. In this enchanting city known for its art, history, and vibrant culture, there is no shortage of remarkable dining experiences to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

But if you want to explore something different, La Leggenda Dei Frati‘s restaurant is sure to tickle your taste buds in unexpected ways leaving a lasting impression by combining exquisite food, emotions, memories and culture

You might say that it’s easy to eat well in such a wonderful city, but this romantic restaurant not only has an incredible menu but also an interesting story to tell.

Named after an old legend of three drunken friars (frati) inebriated by the rewards of their land, who apparently kept everyone up because of their loud boisterous behaviour, La Leggenda dei Frati is nestled on a quiet up-hill street, not far from the iconic Ponte Vecchio, in the ex-stables of historic Villa Bardini, the residence inhabited in the last century by the “Dandy” collector Stefano Bardini (now turned into a museum complex). 

Surrounded by an enchanting garden and furnished with works of contemporary art carefully selected from the collection of the Galleria Continua in San Gimignano, the restaurant is a truly hidden gem from which its rooms and enchanting rooftop terrace you can admire a breathtaking view of the city – that includes the stunning Brunelleschi Dome and many other historic landmarks of Florence- as well as having a glimpse of the restaurant’s herbarium and secret kitchen garden.

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The Cuisine Of La Leggenda Dei Frati Restaurant

Founded by Chef Filippo Saporito (President of The Jean Restaurateurs JRE Italy). and his wife Ombretta, La Leggenda Dei Frati Restaurant, is sure to gift you with a multi-sensory dining experience that will leave you craving for more, in which the quality of food and the beauty of the mise-en-place reside in “an exchange of loving senses“. 

The cuisine is innovative, rooted in local culinary paying particular detail to seasonal, local top-quality ingredients, preferably from sustainable supply chains, all showcased on different tasting menus comprising seven or nine courses (vegetarian and à la carte options available too).

Nature, myth, art, know-how and territorial culture, come together with the ingredients on the table at La Leggenda Dei Frati“, explains Chef Filippo Saporito. “Ombretta and I are lucky enough to live in a wonderful land, Tuscany, where the inspirations come from our network of producers and breeders of excellence. I believe the success of the Restaurant is made not by a single person but by a cohesive group of professionals who all have the love for the ingredients and their transformation in common “.

Amongst the chef’s signature dishes to die for are the following: Red Shrimp from Mazara, Potatoes, Hazelnuts and Wild salmon; Chicken Liver Terrine, Colonnata lard, Figs, and Creme caramel (a successful evergreen on the menu since 2004); Beetroot tataki, B.b.q, Vegan Mayo, Simone’s herbs; Pigeon Salsify, Carrot, Fir.

Our crush? Hare Ravioli with Cocoa, Parmesan and Truffle. If you are a fresh pasta lover, longing for unexpected twists, we would definitely recommend this dish.

Also, make sure to find space for Brunelleschi’s Dome dessert, a feast for the palate (the result of a delicate balance of Chestnuts, Marron Glacés and Vanilla) and a homage to the famous Florence landmark.


Whether you’re seeking a romantic dinner for two, a family feast, or a culinary adventure with friends, La Leggenda Dei Frati offers an array of dining options to suit your preferences.

The restaurant has no more than 10 tables within 2 dining areas which guarantee an intimate experience supervised by a top-notch service to enhance the overall dining experience. It’s definitely a restaurant where you can impress someone who’s been everywhere and done everything, including your sophisticated gourmand friend.

Booking in advance is highly recommended.

La Leggenda dei Frati at Villa Bardini
Address: Costa San Giorgio 6/A – Firenze
Phone: +39 055 0680545

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