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Summer Shandies, Beer Smoothies, and Other Surprisingly Refreshingly Cool Drinks for Hot Days

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When the scorching summer heat arrives, staying cool and hydrated is essential. While water is always a reliable choice, sometimes you crave a little more flavour and excitement. For women over 50, finding refreshing and suitable drinks is often more than just grabbing the first one available on the shelf. Ideally, we want to stay hydrated while we lounge by the pool or entertain guests this summer.

So, let’s think of options that not only quench our thirst but also cater to our changing and more sophisticated tastes that can shake up our parties. That’s where summer shandies, beer smoothies, and other drinks come in: they’re delicious, easy to make, and perfect for sipping on a hot day.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect summertime beverage that ticks all the boxes, here are some refreshing and cool drink options for you to try.

Beer Smoothies: A Surprising Twist on Traditional Blended Drinks

A surprising variation on traditional blended drinks, beer smoothies combine the refreshing qualities of fruit smoothies with the subtle bitterness of beer. By blending your favourite fruits with a light beer and some ice, you can create a creamy and fruity concoction perfect for sipping in summer.

This unique drink offers a twist to the usual beverage options and maybe even allows you to enjoy the chance of challenging yourself by learning something new – like the process and benefits of dry hopping in brewing – while indulging in a cool treat. Have fun exploring different flavour combinations to find your ideal mix of fruity goodness and hoppy satisfaction: the results are incredible and guests might ask for more.

Summer Shandies: The Perfect Combination of Beer and Lemonade

A summer shandy is one drink that perfectly balances the refreshing qualities of beer with a tangy twist. This beverage typically consists of half beer, usually light or wheat-based, and half lemonade. The combination creates a deliciously fruity and fizzy drink to be enjoyed on hot days, offering a lighter alternative to heavy beers while still providing a satisfying flavour profile.

Additionally, you can experiment with different flavours by adding fruit juices like grapefruit or peach to your shandy for an extra burst of freshness.

Iced Tea Variations: A Classic Option with New Twists

Iced tea is a popular choice for many of us during summer due to its cooling effect and the wide variety of flavours available. Instead of sticking with traditional sweetened iced tea, try different variations that can add a refreshing twist to this classic drink.

For instance, hibiscus iced tea is not only vibrant and visually appealing but also high in antioxidants. Matcha green tea can provide an energizing boost while still being cooling and refreshing. Moreover, you may try herbal teas like lavender or chamomile for their calming and soothing effect after a hot day.

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Infused Water: Elevate Your H2O Game

Sometimes, you only need simple yet tasty hydration on a hot day. So, you might want to try infused water, an easy-to-make drink that infuses your regular water with various fruits, herbs, or vegetables.

Infused waters not only add a burst of flavour to your hydration routine but also provide health benefits. For example, cucumber and mint-infused water can help soothe inflammation and promote digestion. Conversely, lemon and ginger-infused water can aid in detoxification.

For mature women with specific dietary needs or those looking to boost their overall wellness, infused waters can be a fantastic choice. They are low in calories and sugar-free while offering a refreshing way to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Mocktails: A Non-Alcoholic Option for Refreshment

If alcohol isn’t your preference or you just want to take a break from it, mocktails are a fantastic choice for staying cool during the summertime. These are non-alcoholic cocktails that mimic the flavours and presentation of traditional cocktails without the alcohol content and that can be just as refreshing and satisfying as their boozy counterparts.

Mocktails can be an excellent option for women who are looking for healthy choices because they often incorporate fresh fruits, herbs, and sparkling water for added hydration. From fruity spritzers to virgin mojitos, a wide range of mocktail recipes are available to suit any taste preference.

We love the Shirley Temple mocktail. Inspired by the famous child actress, it’s been a favourite with mocktail enthusiasts since its creation. These days, the non-alcoholic drink has many variations, however traditionally it was just ginger ale and grenadine. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then this is definitely for you!

Conclusion: It’s all About the Presentation

Whether you prefer beer smoothies or mocktails, don’t forget that the way you present your drink is also a big factor in the art of making beverages.

They should always look as wonderful as they taste. In fact, presentation is key with these drinks, which is why mixologists will spend extra time on little details, like colours and garnishes. Everything from the glass selection to the number of ice cubes is up for thoughtful consideration.

So why don’t you challenge yourself this summer by reinventing traditional cocktail recipes? This is achieved by innovating and elevating the usual recipes, such as swapping ingredients, experimenting with mixers, combining different flavours, and carefully curating each element of a drink.

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