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The Best Podcasts To Help You Thrive In Midlife

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Whether you are in need of some inspiration or a little guidance for your midlife journey, listening to a podcast is a surefire way to learn and grow while you’re doing something else, such as commuting to work, cooking dinner or working out.

Certainly, it’s an opportunity to be entertained whenever you want, wherever you are: a leisurely form of multitasking to your busy schedule.

What we really love about podcasts, here at CrunchyTales, is the diversity of voices and experiences we can tap into. By choosing your favourite one, you can easily and directly have access to those midlife-centred topics mainstream media narrative often neglects.

What’s more, the sheer volume of podcasts guarantees pluralism: you can find more than two or three perspectives on any given subject sure and be sure to find the one which resonates with you the most

The Best Podcasts To Download Now

All you have to do is download or stream your favourite podcast (basically an audio program) from the Internet to your mobile device or computer, and then start, stop and finish listening to it on your own time. Even better, you can subscribe to one of them and make sure not to miss any newest episodes. 

Ready to start listening? Here is a list of podcasts that might interest midlife women. Once you start, you’ll never look back!

Twisting The Plot

Plot twists don’t just happen in novels or movies, they show up in our everyday lives, whether we want them or not. Each week Dr Cecilia Dintino and Psychotherapist Hannah Murray Starobin will speak with women who have twisted their plots and discovered that life after 50 can be filled with imagination, inspiration, laughter, and endless possibilities.

That’s Not My Age – Style Podcast

It has gained a global following for its honest, in-depth interviews with extraordinary women of style and substance. With special guests, acclaimed fashion editor, Alyson Walsh chats honestly about getting older, changing careers, finding success, and why we wear what we wear

The Secret Lives Of Black Women

Join close friends Charla Lauriston and Lauren Domino on their hunt for the ‘secrets’ that have helped black women flourish through the bullsh*t. They connect with guests over shared experiences by wading through everything from sex and self-care to rage and anxiety. Each conversation centres on creating a space for joy with some newfound besties while asking: how do the black women we admire stay incredibly phenomenal?

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Unlocking Us With Brené Brown

Brené Brown is an American professor, lecturer and author known in particular for her research on shame, vulnerability, and leadership, and for her widely viewed TEDx talk. In her podcast’s conversations, she unlocks the deeply human part of who we are, “so that we can live, love, parent, and lead with more courage and heart. Episodes will include conversations with the people who are teaching, challenging, confusing, or maybe even ticking Brene Brown off a little as well as extracts from her research. 

Zestful Ageing

Heard in 97 countries, this popular podcast is all about living a vibrant and fulfilling life. Don’t miss Nicole Christina’s insightful conversations! A psychotherapist of 30 years, Nicole interviews a wide variety of influential guests about how they are creating their legacies (a crucial element in healthy ageing), contributing to the greater good and changing the narrative around getting older.

The Flipping 50 Show – Wellness Podcast

The show is for women in peri-menopause, menopause and beyond who want real answers, practical advice and straight talk. Debra Atkinson will help you get the energy and vitality you want, need, and deserve in the second (and better) half! If you want to change the way you age tap into this fantastic podcast: fitness, wellness, and health research put into practical tips you can use today. 

Modern GenX Woman

Mimi and Jackie, as former New York City media executives, know what it’s like to achieve big success but still wrestle with standing up for our worth and having full conviction in our value. Each week they provide inspiration, ideas and winning strategies for helping you thrive in your professional life. Thanks to their insightful conversations, you’re sure to pick up lots of tips as well as be assured that you’re never too old to try something new.

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