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The Rise Of The Silver Influencers

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Style, beauty, creativity and influence have absolutely nothing to do with age. True style comes from within and older women who are considered today’s “influencers” would have known how to put it together from an early age. The tone of their looks is different and tends to more individualistic styles, rather than a lot of the younger influencers who are more dedicated to fashion.

Yes, apparently, the ‘Over 50s’ influencers are making their way in social media because of the connection to their audience and their authenticity. Who are they? Stylish and creative women who are more likely to sign up to Instagram to get and share inspiration with their own demographic too. They’re also more likely to seek out and connect with their own age group online in addition, rather than for aspirational reasons.

A Goldmine Waiting

According to business publication Forbes, silver influencers represent the “ultimate super consumer” and the fashion industry for one is turning to Instagram more and more to find its latest mature stars, after being repeatedly accused of ageism in recent years. Brands face a real challenge marketing to this audience as the size of the market is enormous, yet there is often a disconnect between the language and imagery brands use. For those companies that can crack the code, there is a goldmine waiting as over 50 already account for around 47% of all UK consumer spending. Stats released by the Office of National Statistics also report the use of social media is rising fastest amongst the middle-aged. Two-thirds of 45 to 54 year-olds in the UK are now on a social network, while the proportion of 55 to 64-year-olds using social media passed 50%.

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The Silver Insta-Stars

Beyond the great Iris Apfel, there is a long list of women who might light up your social feed with style, beauty and glamour. From Maye Musk (244k Insta followers), a dietician and model with a career spanning 50 years, to Lyn Slater, 63, AKA Accidental Icon (665k followers on Instagram), fashion blogger and Fordham University professor. From Scottish model Gillean McLeod, 62, (6,034 followers) with a still-flourishing career as a stylist for high-profile clients like Adidas, BMW, and Coca-Cola, to the ‘older and braver’ Deborah Darling, 57, (28.3K followers), a model who recently has walked the runway at Africa Fashion International for Hugo Flear.

What do they have in common? They are not just fashion icons. They are all smashing preconceptions about ageing and style because fashion is a personal matter.

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