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The Return Of Granny Panties

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Squashed into a corner of our drawers, once awfully labelled for seniors or menstruating women, granny panties have made – thankfully- a huge comeback and been sleekly reinvented for a new audience.

I said – thankfully- because I’ve never been a great fan of thongs (even when I was in my 20s). 

Inclusive, comfortable and now also sexy, the new generation of granny panties seems to have had a full rebrand (as well as the idea of ageing I suppose). Far away from the Bridget Jones-like style, nowadays they come adorned with lace, satin, sheer inserts, silk bows with full coverage silhouette designed to hold in a paunch, cool patterns, new materials and extremely flattering cuts.

And guess what? They are becoming a cross-generational fashionable item, too.

In fact, with my great excitement, thanks to the endorsements of stars like Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and Rihanna, even young women are now moving to full-coverage panties and migrating away from the thong.

So, if modern grandmas are breaking the mould, showing a new way of living and experiencing their third act (far away from those general clichés) why can’t classic high waisted panties break free and reinvent themselves, too?

You might wonder what are the reasons behind this little style underwear revolution? Well, it’s easy to explain: the rise of athleisure, a more inclusive idea of feeling and being sexy, as well as the time we’ve had to spend at home during the pandemic.

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This trend is confirmed by data. According to the retail intelligence platform Edited, lingerie is expected to hit $250 billion by 2022, and “big knickers” are in. In the same way that comfort came first for all other garments during the lockdown, bottoms with both high-waist and full-coverage are outselling hipster styles.

What’s more, according to Lyst, the large and high-waisted underwear style has seen a 59 per cent increase in searches the past year. Amongst the most-wanted brands, there are Savage X Fenty, SKIMS, Bloomers, CUUP and Les Girls Les Boys, including, La Perla and Gucci.

As for the notion that granny panties aren’t sexy, that’s another cliché that needs to be debunked once for all as we know that mostly depends on the way we feel in them. 

Comfort is the new sexy.

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