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Why A Crochet Bag Is Your Summer's Must-Have Accessory | CrunchyTales

Why a Crochet Bag is Your Summer’s Must-Have Accessory

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For years, my summers revolved around classic leather totes and woven straw bags. But this time, something whimsical caught my eye – a delightful crochet bag. Now, I know what you might be thinking: crochet? Isn’t that a bit too crafty, a throwback to childhood projects? But hear me out!

This season, crochet bags are having a major moment, and it’s not just about poolside nostalgia. These bags are all grown up and anything but dowdy. They’re a delightful blend of craftsmanship and cool, with a touch of that vintage vibe we all adore.

Why We Adore The Crochet Bag

Beyond the undeniable charm factor, the beauty of crochet bags lies in their versatility. Many designs also boast a surprisingly roomy interior, ideal for carrying all your essentials – think sunglasses, SPF, and a chic straw hat. Plus, unlike their heavier leather counterparts, crochet bags are wonderfully lightweight, making them a comfortable companion for extended outings.

Here’s the scoop on the hottest crochet bag trends to tote you through the sunny months (but in case you’re good at crocheting you can make one by yourself following a tutorial).

The Classic Tote: This is your go-to for everything from farmer’s market finds to poolside essentials. Look for natural fibres like raffia or cotton in neutral tones or pretty pastels. A structured silhouette ensures your essentials stay put, while the open weave keeps things cool. Look for details like colourful stripes or playful pom-poms for a touch of personality.

A Touch of Boho: Channel your inner free spirit with a fringed or ruffled crochet bag. Think sunset hues of orange, terracotta, and turquoise for a touch of wanderlust. These bags are perfect for adding a whimsical touch to your favourite sundress.

The Sophisticated Satchel: Crochet isn’t just for casual outings! A structured crochet satchel in a rich navy or emerald elevates your look and adds a touch of texture to your power suit. Bonus points for contrasting leather handles that add a touch of polish.

The Mini Marvel: Who says crochet can’t be dressy? A petite crochet crossbody in a metallic thread or with delicate bead embellishments adds instant evening elegance to your outfit. It’s the perfect size for essentials, and the unique texture elevates your look beyond the ordinary.

Where to Find Your Perfect Crochet Bag

From independent artisans on platforms like Etsy to high street brands including retailers like Marks & Spencer, there’s a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. If you want to elevate your game, look for designers who utilize sumptuous yarns – think cotton blends in vibrant hues or luxurious silks in soft pastels.

Here are a few brands you’ll want to keep on your radar:

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·       For the Beach Babe

Think breezy totes in natural raffia fibres. Look for brands like Gabriela Hearst or Chloe, who are incorporating beautiful crochet details into their beach bags. They’re spacious enough for your essentials, yet stylish enough to turn heads at the poolside. If you are more on a tight budget but still on to invest in a posh option, Clare V Tan Crochet A La Plage Lété Tote or Saint Barth’s handmade crochet bag are the answers.

·       For the City Explorer

Update your everyday look by toting a vibrant crochet bucket bag alongside a flowing maxi dress and a statement necklace, better in a pop of colour that injects playful energy into the outfit.

For a touch of urban chic, check out brands like JW Anderson. Their striped crochet shopper bags are so cool. They’re perfect for strolling through the city streets or grabbing a coffee with friends, adding a touch of personality to your everyday look.

We also love the Mini Fleming Crochet-Knit Shoulder Bag by Tory Burch. Crafted from raffia, this demi-moon-shaped bag feels extremely versatile featuring a chunky top handle strap for an added tactile element, coming in pink and tan colour combination.

·       For the Evening Soiree:

Who says crochet can’t be glamorous?  BTB Los Angeles are proving otherwise with their exquisite Nadiya Crochet Clutch. Imagine these paired with a flowy maxi dress for a touch of understated elegance that will turn heads at your next summer evening event. Alternatively, Wolf & Badger Cunda Crochet Clutch Bag In Neutral Beige will ring the changes.

·       For the Bold and Beautiful:

Feeling adventurous? Embrace the bohemian spirit by carrying a market-style crochet tote overflowing with fresh produce from the farmer’s market. Pair it with a breezy sundress and comfortable sandals for a relaxed, yet undeniably stylish, look.

A J. Crew creation might be for you! Their Cadiz Hand-Knotted Rope Tote in Coral is a showstopper, perfect for the woman who isn’t afraid to make a statement and embrace the maximalist trend. And how about the Mango Mini Crochet Shopper Bag? Maybe it won’t be able to carry all of your belongings but surely it will highlight your summer wardrobe.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! The beauty of the crochet bag lies in its inherent casualness. Let it be the conversation starter, the piece that reflects your playful spirit and appreciation for handcrafted artistry. So, this summer, embrace the craft chic and let a delightful crochet bag become the crowning glory of your summer wardrobe.

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