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4 Essential Make-Up Upgrades You Deserve As You Age

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Changing the way we think about aging may start with changing the way we look at ourselves in the mirror. It’s no longer about concealing the passing of time, but rather updating our make-up techniques and colours in order to keep our beauty shining bright so we can fully embrace the second chapter of our lives with more confidence. 

In this article make-up artist Deborah Williams, founder of Grace Make Up, will share some professional tips to help us turn up the glow, and deliver a fresher face, without having to resort to surgery to erase the physical signs of aging

If you feel uncomfortable with your look, know there are new, innovative, and non-surgical alternatives to enhance the best features of the woman you’ve become and make-up is one of those.

As we age, our trusted makeup routines and beloved beauty products may not deliver the same results as before, and there’s a valid explanation for this. Our skin tone, texture, and elasticity change as we move away from our 20s and 30s, necessitating some adjustments in our beauty regimen and application techniques, especially if we’ve embraced gray hair.

I would bid farewell to the outdated concept of anti-aging cosmetics and rather adopt a beauty routine that highlights your inner and outer beauty. With just a few adjustments to your techniques and product choices, we can effortlessly upgrade our look.

If you’re one of those women who have been doing their makeup the same way for years but can’t figure out why they are not getting the same results, then it’s probably time to change your approach to beauty and bring out your beautiful features.

Here are some proven procedures and techniques that show you how.

Know your colouring 

This is key. The colour analysis system has been around for decades. I remember my mother having her colour analyzed, and since then always looked so put together with her wardrobe. And this may work with makeup, too.

The whole point of colour analysis is to find colours that flatter your skin tone, hair and eye colour, in other words, your face.

Your foundation, eyeshadow, blush and lip colour must all work together to give you your most beautiful look but if you are working against your natural colouring and undertone you’ll never achieve the radiant skin you hope for with the risk you’ll keep buying just another bad lipstick.

As a rule of thumb, choosing the right makeup colours involves finding colours that match your value (how light or dark you are), your chroma (how clear or muted you are) and temperature (how warm or cool you are).

Above all, the most important of the 3 characteristics with regard to makeup is undertone. For someone who has a cool complexion, like a blue-eyed ash-brown brunette with a pinkish glow to their skin, a yellow-based foundation would not be flattering. In this case, they would prefer a cool to neutral-based foundation. The same principle applies to eye shadow and blush. Wearing cool colours with warm undertones can give an artificial appearance while wearing warm colours with cool undertones can make someone look unwell.

Take the time to re-evaluate your actual make-up

The make-up we use and the way we apply it might not work for us anymore these days. Embracing your look as you age means adjusting your makeup regimen to suit your ever-evolving skin. As we age, chances are we keep trying to minimize or highlight the same areas with the results of drawing attention to the wrong place. Remember, whatever you see in your mirror makeup-wise popping first needs to be eliminated or re-evaluated. 

Perhaps you’ve been wearing an intense lower eyeliner every day for 20 years. Eliminate or soften it. The exception is your lipstick. There is nothing wrong with a strong lip colour if that is in your colour wheel.

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Have you been using the same products for years? Are you still using liquid or cake eyeliner? Stop. It’s too harsh. Use a cream or gel as they are easier to apply, and you can smudge them; this will give a softer look but still make your eyes pop.

Make sure you upgrade your foundation 

I find many women don’t wear foundation and haven’t had it for years because it feels like a mask and clogs their pores. But today, there are so many formulations and textures and I’m sure there will be one perfect for your texture and moisture level—one that will feel fantastic on your skin and even out your skin tone. To cover anything from dark spots to fine lines, the right complexion products make all the difference, and once you have a great foundation, everything else falls into place.

Look for a foundation with multifunctional, skin-loving properties, that target concerns such as loss of radiance, uneven skin tone, and moisture balance. The right level of hydration ensures that the formula melts into the skin without caking or creasing.

Remember, the foundation needs to have a flawless, seamless, airbrushed finish that matches the skin perfectly. Always apply it with a brush or a sponge.

Fix your hooded eyes effortlessly

As time passes many women might become bothered by their heavy or hooded eyes. Having hooded eyes means you have limited eyelid space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get the look you want.

My tip to lift them naturally is to base the whole eye area in a colour that is in your undertone warm or cool tone, depending on your own personal colouring. Do not use white or lighter than your skin tone. 

Some people think that putting a lighter-coloured eye shadow base over their four whole eye socket areas will help. But this only accentuates a heavy or droopy look. 


Remember, you are your best advocate and will make the best choices on how to look beautiful at any age when you have the know-how! So, don’t go looking to cover the feature you don’t like or wish you could change—but rather learn new tricks on how to highlight the area you never forget to make up and then buy more products for it.

Is there one makeup product you won’t leave the house without? Is there one makeup product you keep applying daily and never get tired of? This is what you need to enhance at first. It’s your favourite and probably your best beauty ally. 

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About The Author

Deborah Williams | Beauty Expert

Deborah Williams | Beauty Expert

Deborah Williams is a celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert, founder of GRACE Make up For Midlife, and author of “The Grace Factor: Makeup Techniques for the Woman over 50“. Trained in the makeup and wig program at the Canadian Opera Company, Deborah has fluffed her makeup brushes over many famous faces and continues to work for national TV programs and film. Deborah also lends her expertise to private clients to look at their authentic beautiful selves at any age. “Women in the baby-boom generation are disconcerted by the ageing process on their faces and bodies”, she says. “I give practical advice to help women cope with changes and feel fully confident in the face you present“.

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