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How To Rock A Tulle Skirt In Your Fabulous 50s

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Gone are the days when tulle skirts were reserved for younger women. Now more than ever, women over 50 are embracing this bold look and proving that elegance knows no bounds. In this article, our style expert Lauren Simmonds will explore how we can effortlessly rock this fashion statement.

When it comes to personal style, preferences are highly individual, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to what works. Whether you’re a dedicated fashion enthusiast, a moderate lover of style, or someone who primarily sees clothing as a functional necessity, there’s an element of fantasy that appeals to just about everyone.

Luxurious textures like satin, silk, suede, leather, and fur all make an impactful style statement. Still, there’s something about tulle that transports both the wearer and the observer to magical places.

The glamour of tulle skirts

The history of this delicate netted fabric can be traced back to the 1700s in Tulle, France. Initially created from silk, it’s now often made from fabrics including nylon, cotton, or rayon. Considered the epitome of femininity, elegance, and grace, tulle typically suggests ballerinas, lingerie, and brides but today, tulle skirts have firmly established themselves as a style essential for women of all ages.

When you think of iconic pop culture tulle moments, Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” look at the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards likely comes to mind. She contrasted the demure femininity of her bridal-inspired tulle and lace ensemble against the gritty backdrop of her bold persona and edgy styling. And who could forget Sarah Jessica Parker AKA Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City” (SATC)? Carrie gifted us with several fashionable tulle looks (designed by Patricia Field) throughout the TV series run, including her unforgettable opening sequence look — a white layered tutu, paired with a simple pale pink tank.

That look has become an immortal part of fashion history and it reignited the fashion’s love affair with tulle skirts.

How to wear a tulle skirt

Today, tulle skirts are ubiquitous, but despite this, they continue to turn heads. Designers push the boundaries of style by using this dreamy and versatile textile in new and unexpected ways. We continue to see tulle in its many incarnations on celebrities, style influencers, and everyday women season after season.

If you’ve ever wanted to wear such a versatile item and need some encouragement, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for.

Tulle skirts are not exclusively reserved for the fashion elite. They’re for every woman, including mature fashionistas. You’ve earned the right to wear what makes you feel alive, so don’t be confined by limiting rules that hinder you from discovering your fabulous self.

  • Dressing up a tulle skirt for special occasions

For your next gala or black-tie event, consider a gown or two-piece ensemble with a full-length tulle skirt. It’s a great way to embrace the event’s elegance and sophistication with a little extra dramatic flair. Let the dress take centre stage and opt for classic accessories like diamond jewellery, an elegant clutch, and a statement shoe.

Alternatively, think about wearing a high-low or midi-length tulle skirt to brunch, an art gallery visit, or a fashion event. Experiment with a sleek bodysuit, or a fitted corset-style top, and top it off with a leather or cropped denim jacket.

Remember, the key to achieving an edgy look with tulle skirts is to strike a balance between the soft, feminine elements of the tulle and edgier pieces.

  • Creating a casual and chic look with a tulle skirt

For a more casual vibe, pair your skirt with an oversized tee or a denim shirt tied at the waist for definition. Other styling options include layering a tulle petticoat under an A-line skirt, allowing it to peek 3-4 inches below the skirt’s hemline. Consider a skirt/petticoat combination in contrasting colours or for a head-turning voluminous effect, layer tulle skirts of different lengths.

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If wearing a full tulle skirt isn’t your thing, consider a more understated A-line style with soft sheer layers, or explore other clothing items that include tulle accents. Today, tulle is being incorporated into blazers, trench coats, sweatshirts, and can be found at retailers of all price points and levels of quality.

When the temperature drops, pair your tulle skirts with heavier pieces like sweaters, sweatshirts or button-down shirts. Add tights, stylish boots, and a fabulous cover-up to shield yourself from the elements.

Your unique combination of textures and accessories will help you create a personal and stylish statement that suits your personality and preferences. Remember, confidence is key when pulling off these edgy tulle skirt looks.

Confidence and attitude: rocking a tulle skirt at any age

Tulle is not a trend. It’s one of those tried-and-true classics that is always in season, always beautiful, and always impactful.

If you want to upgrade your style, wear tulle. If you want to tap into your femininity, wear tulle. If you want to look and feel fantastic while brightening people’s days, then why wouldn’t you choose tulle?

Two items of caution—be careful not to snag the delicate fabric and be prepared for all the positive attention you’ll get when wearing it.

Look for a skirt that flatters your figure and hits at or just below the knee, as this length is universally flattering. Additionally, opt for a skirt with a high waistband to accentuate your waist and create a more defined silhouette. Regarding colours, consider a tulle skirt in a neutral palette such as black, grey, pale pink or navy. These colours are timeless and can be easily dressed up or down.

The Takeaway

As we age, it’s important to embrace our personal style and not be limited by societal expectations. Tulle skirts are a fun and feminine piece that can be worn at any age. By finding the right fit, colour, and length, and styling it with confidence, you can rock it, too.

So, embrace the enchantment of tulle and bring your fashion dreams to life. In a world where people often like to blend in, use your special style to stand out.

Allow tulle to be the canvas upon which you paint your unique fashion story. Wear it with confidence and witness the world being captivated by your tulle-inspired elegance. So, embrace the enchantment of tulle and bring your fashion dreams to life. In a world where people often like to blend in, use your special style to stand out.

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Lauren Simmonds | The Fearless Fashionista

Lauren Simmonds | The Fearless Fashionista

Lauren Simmonds is a Style Coach, Founder and Chief Fashion Officer of The Fearless Fashionista and author of “Find Your Fabulous: The Fearless Fashionista® Approach to Developing and Owning Your Style“. She conducts style workshops, as well as provides personalized style consultations. Her motto? “EVERY woman can do something to improve how she shows up in the world”.

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