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Best Cozy Slippers To Keep You Warm All Winter Long | CrunchyTales

6 Cozy Slippers To Keep You Warm All Winter Long

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Winter is here, and with it comes the need for warm and cozy footwear. While socks may do the trick, nothing beats a good pair of slippers to keep your feet toasty during the cold months. But with so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect pair. 

Although slippers are often associated with convenience, it is important to remember that they are still shoes and should be treated as such. When shopping for them, it is crucial to prioritize foot health so, just like any other type of shoe, slippers should be chosen based on proper fit, materials that promote hygiene, and suitable protection.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best warm slippers available on the market to fearlessly embrace winter all along.

The best materials for warm and cozy slippers

Cold feet are a common occurrence for women in midlife, as they are usually due to drastic hormonal fluctuations, poor blood circulation or thyroid dysfunction. That’s why when the temperature drops and the days get shorter it’s important to choose not only a stylish pair but also the right materials for your slippers and preferably get ones with good arch support that can allow proper alignment of the foot biomechanics, particularly those with a flatfoot and low arch.

So, choose anything with a rubber outsole as it offers more protection, stability, and control than softer materials – this is especially important if you’re planning to wear slippers outside (even just to grab the mail). 

Also, look for breathable materials that will still insulate and keep you warm and in case you want to prioritize the durability and weight of your slippers, opt for uppers in sheepskin, suede, or leather.

Stylish warm slippers options

Let’s admit it, slippers are a homewear staple you really don’t want to live without. And shouldn’t! Having a presentable set of pyjamas to hang around in is key—so why should your slipper game be any different? 

From classic loafers and moccasins to hotel room slip-on slippers we’ve got you covered. 

Modern, minimal, majorly light and comfy – these addictive shearling mule slippers were made for lounging in style. We love the ones with rich suede. This version features a cosy, ultra-soft lining, single-piece, softly padded uppers and our ultra-sleek, featherlight, ergonomically shaped iQushion midsoles. Slip these shearling slippers on and you may never want to leave the house.

Crafted from plush suede, and adorned with luxurious sheepskin and upcycled wool lining, these Ugg slippers offer a lightweight platform and a stylish embroidered braid on top. Surprisingly, despite the cozy lining, feet remain cool and dry, making them ideal for those with sweaty feet as the natural fibres wick away moisture. Additionally, these slippers boast the brand’s trademarked cushioning and traction, providing a lightweight yet durable sole. As a bonus, the Tasman slippers share the same outsole as the brand’s Classic Boot, allowing you to wear them both indoors and outdoors.

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The Zermatt is not just any slipper, it’s a Birkenstock slipper. With its iconic removable cork-latex footbed, it combines sturdy orthopaedic support with genuine shearling and wool for a perfect blend of solid and soft. High-grade, long-lasting materials enhance the simplicity of the slipper’s design and functionality. Thoughtful, eco-friendly production practices ensure minimal waste and environmental impact. Perfect for all year round, available in different colours (we love light pink!), it’s a must for any eco-conscious fashionista. 

They offer exceptional warmth and stability. They might not be super glamorous but if you suffer from cold feet you can be sure to have found a good ally for your winter.  Made from the coziest shearling, they’re supremely soft and built to last, unlike similar-looking imitations and yes, a bit expensive but worth the investment. A contoured memory foam footbed also provides arch support and a better fit through the heel and a waterproof rubber outsole technically makes these slippers indoor-outdoor shoes. Available in 10 colours. 

These double-face wool slip-ons come in six solid colours and three shades of leopard print, featuring a cork-looking thermoplastic rubber outsole. While they have a cozy après-ski appearance, what truly distinguishes them is the removable footbed. The insole, made of premium polyurethane bottom and a wool lining, provides both arch and metatarsal support, ensuring your foot is cradled in warmth and support.

Felt minimalist slipper made of 100% pure natural wool with a sole of soft calfskin. Available in different colours (cranberry is our favourite), the slipper is flexible and easy to jump into. It keeps the foot warm and dry, due to the wool’s great capacity of absorbing moisture. It comes in three styles: an open heel, a shoe, and a boot. Generally, the pairs with more coverage are a little warmer. 

As The New York Times stated: “Danish mother Nanny Glerup originally made these slippers by hand, using wool from her own sheep. So it’s no accident that they perfectly embody another celebrated Danish concept: the feeling of being cozy, comfortable, and content, or hygge“.

While comfort and functionality are important, don’t forget to consider personal style and preferences, too. With a wide range of designs, colours, and patterns available, you can easily find slippers that reflect your taste and personality. Remember to try them on and walk around in them before buying, as this helps you evaluate their comfort, fit, and support. If you’re purchasing online, be sure to check the return policies for added peace of mind.

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