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6 Timeless Fall Accessories To Invest In

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At midlife, you probably know what suits you. However, seasonal wardrobe changes can still be daunting despite lots of practice. It’s not just a matter of making a mental inventory of all the clothing you own for that particular time of the year but also choosing which one you may want to keep or give away.  

You might be considering things like which pieces are actually worth the money, which will be out of style soon, and which will actually have long-term staying power in your wardrobe.

Whether you’re trying to stick to the basics or looking for some new pieces to add to your collection, investing in timeless staple accessories that circle back every fall is key to avoiding cluttering and a sure-fire way to revive your wardrobe.

Here’s a list of the season’s most timeless accessories for women to elevate any fall outfit.

The wool felt hat

Even if you don’t consider yourself a hat person, there’s undoubtedly something special about a classic fedora. It brings a cool vibe to any look as well providing a chance to hide bad hair days. Simple and elegant, it adds a special level of sophistication to your style and it can be so versatile, too. Although today’s fedoras can greatly vary, their signature elements haven’t changed much since the days when Sandra Bernhardt used to wear one of them on the stage. They always feature a somewhat flexible brim and an indented crown with a centre crease that’s pinched on the sides. If you’ve already got a black one in your collection, a rich brown, olive, tan, or grey could be a great new addition.

A statement bag

A timeless handbag that you’re entirely in love with boosts your confidence no matter what you’re wearing. Of course, choosing the right one is very personal, but two things to keep in mind are form and functionality for your lifestyle (eg. if you use public transport, you should ensure you buy a handbag that’s comfortable to carry and has a good strong clasp).

When looking for the perfect one, choose leather (it looks better as it grows older) and opt for a neutral and classic colour such as nude, grey, or black that can easily be paired with almost anything. In terms of style, opt for a sleek and structural shape that will last longer. A good compromise would be a slouchy shoulder bag. Recently appeared on the runways at Versace, Louis Vuitton, and Prada, it is characterised by its crescent shape and long shoulder straps.

Whatever style you choose, try to avoid a large logo that will scream the place of purchase. Subtlety is always chicer and it will stand the test of time.

Vintage kerchiefs and headscarves

A flowy, oversize scarf is the most versatile accessory CrunchyTales can think of. Whether worn as a headscarf, a belt, or a classic accent around our necks, scarves are the perfect way to create a winning style. And guess what? It has made quite the comeback as top models were seen strutting wearing gorgeous head and neck scarves in the form of chic kerchiefs. Luxurious and vibrant colours paired with vintage-inspired boho prints are the perfect match for navigating the transition to fall in style.

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If you want to invest in one item, choose an iconic Hermès scarf. It’s one of those pieces you’ll wear for decades to come. And as a one-size-truly-fits-all accessory, it’s the perfect item to buy second-hand.

Bold Belts

From thin leather designs to colourful woven options, belts are cooler and more versatile than ever—and there’s no denying the power they have to tie a look together (or simply solve a tricky outfit dilemma).

You never go wrong with a classic, unadorned leather beltget one in black or brown so you have your bases covered, then pick out a bright shade for a bolder statement that still works with your favourite pieces. You can either choose a mini logo belt, which looks on point with straight-leg denim or even a long winter dress or a thicker silhouette to instantly add structure to an oversized blazer or voluminous winter coat.

A thick statement belt is always great for styling up simple basic pieces, cinching in more flowy silhouettes like baggier tops and dresses and adding a unique twist to those staple essential pieces that people don’t really know what to do with,” says American personal stylist Gianna Nucci.

Here at CrunchyTales, we love a strong buckle with a classic designer monogram or a little bling.

Evergreen booties

In timeless silhouettes, neutral hues, leathers, and suedes, a pair of classic ankle boots is one you’ll live in all season long—no matter your sartorial preference. If you want a pair that will last you for the long haul, pick something in a neutral colour like rich brown, black, or light tan, choose an almond-shaped toe, pick a mid-shaft height, and keep embellishments minimum. Slim and sleek with a little lift—but still game for grocery runs and park hangs—the mid-heel is our favourite: it allows us to rock a basic turtleneck and bootcut jeans in no minute.

The chic sneaker

Today, sneakers can be dressed up, dressed down, and paired with just about any on-trend ensemble. If you’ve been working from home, it’s unlikely you’ll be stepping back into heels any time soon, so this fall, the perfect pair of kicks just might be your best accessory. According to Vogue, a pair of Chuck Taylor‘s is a timeless classic. These sneakers have a simple, almost minimalist aesthetic that easily lends itself to new colours, patterns, and materials. If you need more inspiration, seeing Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris, in her Chucks will certainly do the trick. The now-signature shoe choice of the Vice President-elect has only increased its popularity.

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