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Actress Alessandra Monti: “It’s Always Exciting To Get Back In The Game”

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It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Alessandra Monti has been gifted with two beautiful ones that ‘speak to you’ at every glance showing up the strong yet compassionate personality of a multi-talented actress and dancer who knows the excitement of challenging herself at every age. She started performing in the show business when she was very young, having the chance to play with top Italian ‘Maestro’s’ like Gino Landi and Gigi Proietti, she is now collecting the fruits of her hard work celebrating a career that spans for more than 30 years. Her superpowers? Resilience and grace.

Alessandra, how has midlife changed your perspective towards life and career?

Midlife is the time of awareness. I’ve learned to deal with regrets and disappointments, joys and satisfactions. The past is the past and today I’m grateful that even though I might have experienced some issues, I’ve found the strength to continue fighting and make my wishes come true. It’s never too late and I believe that in life it’s important to have the courage to get back in the game. I realised that being a woman, and a mother, is not that complicated, especially if you are prepared with a great spirit of initiative.

You have such an eclectic background in the show-business. Then, at midlife, you decided to challenge yourself investing in something totally different: the luxury hospitality. Tell us, where did this ultimate passion come from and why did you get into this particular industry?

For me, being an entrepreneur means thinking beyond the box. I love combining different skills and giving birth to several ideas. In some ways, it’s because I am exposed to different environments that I’m able to express myself in unusual ways. Like this, I can keep fuelling my career as an actress, too. What I like most of working in luxury hospitality is meeting people from all around the world; I love seeing my guests’ eyes shining when they stay at my apartment in the heart of Rome. I belong to a family of entrepreneurs however I take pride in saying that my latest project Reale Luxury Home, is a personal success that I’ve created myself from the beginning to the end.

At midlife, many women would love to reboot their life like the way you did but it’s not always easy. Have you ever had the sensation of being stuck in a rut? If so, what did you do to overcome those feelings?

Yes, it happened to me too. What worked for me was taking little steps and being focused on understanding the cause of my malaise. Then I started taking care of myself and changing my habits. In the past, I was scared of routine thinking that it would lead to a sense of boredom. Now, at midlife, I’ve learned to be more appreciative of the little things.

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Many movie-stars in Hollywood have spoken out about ageism. Is this problem affecting Italian actresses too? If so, what would you suggest to promote a more inclusive environment in the show-business, in Italy?

Hollywood might be obsessed with young talents, but in Italy, we are facing something totally different. The Media industry now seems to appreciate women of a certain age even more. What film directors value is not just a pretty face but also the experience. Of course, we are also lucky enough to have authors who write great roles for women over 40. In my opinion, what we should work on is to create a more inclusive environment offering more opportunities to talents from different backgrounds.

You are not only an actress but also a former professional dancer: two professions in which looking good is a must. Have your meaning of style and beauty evolved along the years?

I have always taken care about my physical appearance because after having practised 20 years of dance at the ballet school in Rome, which is part of of the Opera House, I can’t let myself go. Practising sport charges me and makes me feel good about myself. And, of course, my sense of style and beauty has evolved over the years. I’m not obsessed with trends and I don’t follow any fashion or beauty icons. What I’ve rediscovered at this age is my passion for makeup. I love sharing some secrets and tips from backstage with my friends.

What is successful ageing for you?

For many becoming centenarians is a great achievement. I hope to be able to enjoy my life to the fullest for so long and have the opportunity to keep evolving as well as being able to contribute to society.

2020 has been a very tough year for everyone. If there is a lesson you want to take with you in 2021 what could it be?

Coronavirus forced us to rediscover altruism in giving something to others without asking or waiting for a counterpart. This particular time made me appreciate even more great values such as love and affection and especially how important it is to demonstrate them to people. I believe we are all like guests in this world, God is the true master. Life is beautiful and a precious gift, let’s cherish every moment because happy memories are those ones that make us alive and kicking at any age.

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